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    Default Small family summer roadtrip in the South

    Hi all

    New to the forum, as we are planning our first Real roadtrip with our 2 daughters - 4 and 7 - in the summer of 2017.

    We arrive in Orlando on June 22 and depart again on July 13. Total 3 weeks.
    But we want 14 days in Orlando (or about 14 days) to just relax. That laves us 1-1,5 week of roadtrip.
    And I really need some help with planning.

    We want to see: Savannah, Charlston ...and yes. Ideas are welcome. We want to keep the divine at a max 3 hours. And stay 2 nights in Savannah. Any ideas what Else there is to see and do and stay for a young family ?

    Thanks for all your help!

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    Where are you leaving from? Will you have lots of driving? I can't give you many ideas as far as things to do. If your girls love Legos (even if they don't :)) than Legoland is not far from Orland0- I think it took us 40 minutes. It is REALLY fun! It's expensive though. If you homeschool they have a GREAT thing called Homeschool Days where you can get a cheap price.

    If you need tips for surviving a road trip...that I can help you with :) One thing I did before our drive from Maine to Florida was I went to the dollar store and bought as many goodies as my budget would allow. Kept all those goodies in the front seat with me and whenever my kids would get REALLY bored or start to annoy my hubby and I then I'd pull out one surprise from the bag for each of them. I tried to limit it to one prize per day. Usually quieted them down and kept them busy for a while :)

    We also bought some small spray bottles to fill with water and have on hand for those hot days (which was basically EVERY...SINGLE...DAY- and that was in September!) so we could spray ourselves while in line waiting or just walking around. That really helped!

    We always have a cooler easily accessible in the truck. I buy gallons of water for drinking in the car and then buy bottles of water to have so we can carry the water with us on our day trips.

    Have paper towels and Wet Ones handy in the front seat! One thing I bought for our trip was a messenger bag and loved it! I use it on all our trips now. it was big enough that I could carry a couple of pull ups (our daughter wasn't completely potty trained yet) and a handful of wipes in it so I didn't have to carry an extra diaper bag around!

    And there are OODLES of ideas on the internet for travel games you can do or papers to print out to keep your girls busy during any long driving.

    Our family always tries to find National Parks to visit. Have you heard of the Junior Ranger program? Pretty much every NP has them and it's a great way to keep the kids busy while sightseeing the park. My kids have quite a collection of badges that they've earned from NPs.

    Hope that helps you and sorry I couldn't help out with any other ideas of places to see :/

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    Sarah and Marie, welcome to RTA! Sarah, that's great advice for traveling with kids.

    Marie, do you have an atlas, or some good maps? You'll find paper maps an essential tool for both planning and executing a trip. Electronics can only be relied on for a bit. If you don't have an atlas, you can order one from the RTA store -- scroll down -- and it will be there in a few weeks.

    Orlando -- well, you do need money to do a lot of the "big stuff" that's there. Walt Disney World, Universal Studios and its sister park Islands of Adventure, Legoland, Sea World. Something within an hour's drive of Orlando is Kennedy Space Center. You can spend a day there and not see it all. There's a tour bus that you can get on/off at will, it stops at 3 places. Of course, Orlando is near the great beaches - not far from Kennedy Space Center is Cocoa Beach, which has a number of good beaches. BTW, my brother was 7 when he went to Kennedy for the first time, years and years ago, and he remembers it to this day. Says that he wanted to go back when he interviewed for a job in FL, a couple of years back, but there was no time.

    Sarasota, just west and a little south of Orlando, has a bunch of interesting things: the Ringling Museum, Jungle Gardens, and the Classic Car Museum, if those might interest you.

    A little north of Savannah is the historic area of Brunswick. Lots to see and do there, too.

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    Default Distances and perceptions.

    Driving just 3 hours per day is a mere 150 miles (or almost 300 km). Now I know that may be a very long distance in Denmark, but in the scope of things in the US, it is nothing. Once you get the maps Donna suggested, and I highly recommend that you do as well, you will see just how far you will get in 3 hours...... realistically taking fuel, food and rest stops into account, you only cover about 50/55 miles each hour on the road.

    Plan out your trip with those figures in mind, when you plan for the places to stop and linger a while.


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    While in Florida, consider Legoland. It was created specifically for young children. It is on the site of the former world famous Cypress Gardens and even has some fun water ski shows with Lego characters. Recently went with my 8 year old Grandson who loved the place.

    Sometimes there are great ticket deals on the Legoland website.

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