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  1. Default Vegas to Grand Canyon to Moab in 7 days?

    Hi all,

    I am flying into Vegas the last week of September with 2 cousins and renting a car. I have seen GCNP, Bryce and Zion but cousins have not. I REALLY want 2 days in Moab, and Arches which is new for me. Any suggestions for an itinerary that would at minimum include GCNP -south or west rim; Moab and some portion of Bryce/Zion or whatever else you might suggest?
    I am all ears!


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    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    Does your 7 days include the flying in and out of Vegas or is it 7 days on the ground ? You won't want to visit the west rim, it's not part of the National park and nowhere near as spectacular. From Moab you would head south on 191 and take 163 through Monument valley and enter the south rim via the east entrance and head along Desertview drive.

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    Hello -
    I might have replied in the wrong spot, sorry.
    The trip is 7 days total. Thanks for your help!

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    Welcome to RTA!

    So you have five days to see the three parks? It's do-able, but you may not have the time in each park that you want to be able to see the park.

    Where are you flying from/returning to? (If it's overseas, it's different than if you're flying in from Chicago or something like that.) What time does your flight get into LV?


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    I am from GA but my family is from Australia and will have been in Houston for a week acclimating. We are getting in late Friday night and leaving out a week later Saturday night. So we have Saturday - Friday on the ground.I am thinking of leaving Bryce out so that I can spend 2 days in Moab. I would like to mountain bike there and let my cousins take some easy hikes without me.

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    Default One possibilty.

    Providing it's not a long haul flight and you arrive in Vegas by early afternoon it would be possible to drive to Springdale UT which is a lovely little town right on Zion's doorstep. You could sight see a little the following morning and head to Bryce canyon for a sunset. From Bryce canyon you could take UT scenic 12 to UT 24 through Capitol Reef and onto Moab on day 3. That would give you a full day and a half to look at Arches and Canyonlands before making your way through Monument valley towards the GC. Cameron Trading post might be a good spot to overnight and then enter the canyon and explore on day 5 and stay in or near the park again. Day 6 a little more exploring and drive back to LV via a trip on route 66 through Seligman and a possible stop at Hoover dam. Day 7 Vegas and fly.

    Edit] I see you responded while I was typing but that could still work.

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    Oh my gosh this sounds wonderful. I am going to download a map and plot it all off and see where to stay etc.
    Thank you SO much for your help!

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    If you can spare the time, take spectacular UT-128 from I-70 to Moab. It is a drop dead gorgeous riverside canyon drive.

    If you have more time, nearby Dead Horse Point State Park has astonishing views.

    You probably won't have time, but consider Zion's NARROWS walk in the Virgin River if the river is low and there is no flash floods advisory. That walk is worth skipping some of the other parks, even the Grand Canyon. I've been to both several times.

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    Thanks Travelingman! I have done the Narrows walk several years ago. I am traveling with 2 cousins who arent terribly fit. IF the river is low, do you think its ok for unfit people? I remember seeing all ages before...

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    If the conditions are OK then you can choose to do as much, or as little walking in the Narrows as you want to match your wants/needs/fitness levels.

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