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    Hi All,

    Glad to have just joined the RTA community! My friend and I are considering meeting up in Las Vegas to do a 5-6 day road trip during the week between Christmas and New Years (around 25th-30th). We can maybe make it a tad longer. Any recommendations on which direction to go in if you had a week? Need to return to Vegas at the end. I have researched northern Nevada, southern Oregon, Utah but trying to get a feel for what will be doable. We love small town America so looking more for quirky destinations, interesting things to see as opposed to ski/winter activities. Also, last spring we did a southwest road trip and came into Vegas after driving through Arizona on Route 93 (also did 40 with Flagstaff) so would ideally like something new, maybe even the southern tip of Idaho. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Many Thanks.

    P.S.The alternative trip we were considering was driving straight from DC down to New Orleans via Kentucky/Tennessee/Arkansas in which case it would be an 8-10 day trip.

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    Welcome to RTA!

    Probably the most common trip discussed on these forums, out of Las Vegas, is a circle trip that includes the South Rim of the Grand Canyon (North Rim will be closed up then), and Utah's "Mighty 5": Zion, Bryce Canyon, Capitol Reef, Arches, and Canyonlands. With only 5 days, you won't be able to do up all of them, but perhaps could concentrate on Zion, Bryce and the GC. With a little longer you might be able to add the others, depending on how many days you are able to add. (If GC was on your previous trip, of course, it would save you time for the others.)


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    Thanks Donna! I had in mind maybe even to go northbound towards Oregon or towards Idaho!

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    Default A couple of ideas.

    With the time of year/weather in mind, have you considered going across Death valley NP and down to San Diego [LA?] and then Anza-Borrego desert State park, Joshua tree NP and the Mojave Preserve back to Vegas.

    You could head North through Valley of Fire SP to Zion NP and into Dixie National Forest. [Bryce canyon is an option, but at 9000ft it could be bitterly cold.] You could then possibly head out through Modena and Crystal Springs to the old Mining town of Tonopah and head down through Rhyolite to Death valley. As well as Death valley this route would take you near to Cathedral Gorge SP, Kershaw Ryan SP and you would drive the ET Highway. It's quite remote desert scenery, but for me it takes on a beauty all of it's own.

    The best thing can do is look at a map to see what appeals to you and the pace you wish to travel at and put together an itinerary and then we can help to 'fine tune' and/or make suggestions.

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    Oregon and Idaho.....both beautiful states, but I don't think I'd do those out of Las Vegas. These would be easier to reach from Salt Lake City, honestly. Also, with the schedule you are talking about (between Christmas and New Years), you might want to think about what the weather in those two states, particularly inland Oregon and mountains of Idaho, could bring.

    Dave gave you another idea where the weather would probably be more cooperative. He is correct about Bryce being at 9000 ft, which I'd forgotten.


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    Hi Southwest Dave,

    Sorry it took me so long to get back to you! Newbie to the site! Thanks so much for your suggestions. I will do my homework on the things you suggested. We definetly love the beauty of that area but also want to make sure we get to see small towns and the local life there. When we did the trip from Dallas to Nevada we loved towns like Tucumcari, Flagstaff, Taos, Amarillo but avoided the big Metropolitan cities.

    Would you recommend at all spending time in northern Nevada and trying to see a bit of southern Oregon or even southern Idaho? I am torn between that and/or what you suggest.

    I will work on an itinerary and let you know! Thanks so much again!

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    Thanks Donna! I am going to do the research Southwest Dave recommends. Really torn between continuing the Southwest or just doing DC (where I live) to New Orleans with a southwest trip. But I left a piece of me back in the southwest when I first visited and keep yearning to go back.

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