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  1. Default Need advice on roadtrip this summer from Los Angeles, CA to Detroit, MI

    Hey all, I plan to take Aug. 1 to Aug. 7. I am mostly new to all of this sight-seeing or good places to visit or stop by during this trip. I think I have planned visiting Las Vegas and Zion National Park for the Day 1 though and sleeping overnight at Richfield, UT. Colorado is beautiful, but I don't know what would be good there to go for on Day 2.

    Does anyone have any great suggestions that will also keep me on pace to arrive in MI by Aug. 7? Thank you very much for your help!

    Famous or well-known restaurants also appreciated.

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    Default Need to rethink on day 1.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    First of all I think you need to be realistic as to what you can achieve in a day. You could go from LA to Richfield UT in a full day on the road but you will not have time to visit Las Vegas and Zion NP on route. Your trip is going to take 4 full days of driving so you will have time to sight see but perhaps not as much as you think. If you want to visit LV and Zion quickly you could get to Richfield near the end of day 2. You might like to stop in Moab and visit Arches NP, and then a couple of spots in Colorado, the Colorado National Monument just off I70 and perhaps stop between Glenwood Springs and Denver leaving you 3 days in which to get to get to Detroit. It's what appeals to you that matters but like I say, you need to keep the goals realistic and ignore over optimistic mapping program time tables.

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    I am going to agree with Dave -- Richfield is a full day's drive from LA in itself. It's just short of 600 miles, and it's not safe to do sightseeing on a day that has that much driving. Also, the LA to LV corridor, on I-15, can be choked up with traffic, particularly if you drive it on a Friday or a Sunday.

    If you do overnight at Richfield, we've had several good experiences with the Quality Inn there, and the food is pretty good at the Frontier. The Quality is in town, and the Frontier is near the freeway. We've stayed at the Quality perhaps 5 or 6 times in the past (including once about a month ago), and the Frontier is a place we've eaten at twice, and enjoyed both times.

    Glenwood Springs is a resort town, and the "hanging freeway" is incredible to drive. Stop at all the rest areas, as they are all different. I will warn you that there is major construction on I-70 around Dillon and Silverthorn, and into Eisenhower Tunnel area, that is supposed to last all summer. Bring patience with you.


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    Thanks for your suggestions. I have made the trip a few times with 3 days of full-driving nonstop, so I am confident in my abilities to persevere. It sounds like maybe I will start the trip on July 31st instead to make it a full 8 days for the roadtrip, based on your advice. I am also leaving for the road at around 8:30 AM.

    LV will definitely be a quick stop. I am just showing my partner the strip for maybe 30 minutes at most. For Zion, we might actually just do a campground there for the night after the rest of the day's worth of hiking/exploring there.

    Are there any other suggestions that you would highly recommend in Colorado, Nebraska, or Iowa, with greeny luscious areas? We will definitely stop by Denver and Chicago though. Thank you.

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