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    Default 5 adults one with limited mobility road trip yellowstone to grand cayon

    hi we are 5 adults looking and trying to plan a once in life time trip , mum needs a wheelchair most of time is it possiable to do yellow stone to grand cayon plus death valley and other places no ideas where mind in 2/3 weeks in october 2017 it for my sisters 50th birthday i say 5 adults but might be only 4 depending on where we go
    we are from uk and have only been to usa once which was to disney this time its a adult only trip just want to see as much as possiable so looking for ideas help suggestions and if its at all possiable with mum
    thank you for taking the time to read

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    Default National Parks are for Everyone

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Although our national park system preserves some of our wildest and most naturally scenic places, they make every effort to make those places as accessible as they can to people of all abilities. No, your mother won't be bushwhacking into the back country, but that doesn't mean that she can't visit Old Faithful in Yellowstone, get right up to the edge of the Grand Canyon, or experience the desolate beauty of Death Valley. All of those parks have wheelchair access to their most popular sights. If you are going to make those parks the focus f your visit, then you should plan on buying an annual pass ($80) at the first one you come to. That will be good for access to all parks for everyone in your car. You can then also plan on including other national parks that fall along any route connecting the three you've got so far. Those 'others' might include Grand Tetons, Arches, Canyonlands, Capitol Reef, Bryce Canyon, and Zion National Parks as well as a large number of national monuments. Unfortunately, the free handicapped access pass is only available to US citizens or permanent residents.

    I will just add a note about your timing. October can be a lovely time to visit. When I was at Yellowstone in October, I viewed Old Faithful with exactly one other person, not bad, and never got caught in any traffic. However, as you move later and later into that month you are running a very real risk of there being a snowfall which closes certain roads in the park for extended periods, possibly even for the rest of the season (until Spring). On the other hand, Fall means that temperatures in Death Valley will be getting on towards tolerable rather than the summer 'Bake' setting.


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    thank you for reply
    would we need to pre book over night hotels/motels or will we be ok just arriving at some as we might like to stop longer on route then just one night stops with mum and plus me and my sister not to keen on driving abroad my brother is brought along for that joy
    thank you vicky

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    Default Should Be Fine

    October is not 'high season' for travel in the US, particularly around the parks you have in mind. But I would caution you to at least do some web searches as though you were going to book accommodations just to make sure that there will be places open in areas where you are likely to want to stay, especially in the northern reaches of your trip around Yellowstone, where some hotels and motels may close early for the winter.


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    Quote Originally Posted by vicky_lou View Post
    thank you for reply
    would we need to pre book over night hotels/motels or will we be ok just arriving at some as we might like to stop longer on route then just one night stops with mum and plus me and my sister not to keen on driving abroad my brother is brought along for that joy
    thank you vicky
    Ok Vicky, so just to let you know, we are from the uk also. We did Yellowstone, Mount Rushmore, Tetons, Rocky Mountains, Bryce, canyonlands etc etc last autumn. With regards to wheelchairs, no not a problem from what we could see excepting for some of the trail heads. For example you wouldn't get a wheel chair right up to delicate arch in arches national park, but you could view it from a distance no problem. In respect of booking ahead, that is a definite, especially in Yellowstone. We used a uk company Artco, 'the American road trip company' who were brilliant and organised everything for us. We just told them the basics of what they wanted, they came back with the bare bones of a trip and then over the next few weeks we fine tuned it until we we happy with it all. Nothing was too much trouble. We must have been happy as we have just paid the balance on a second trip to the USA with them, this time the Deep South.
    However if there is anything we can help you with, distances, places to see, accommodation, timings costs etc etc let us know. Only too happy to pass on our expierience

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    oh my thank you both for the info its so much help i have just been goggling the first list of national parks i will be adding the others on to my list to have a look at so we can decide which ones we want to do i doupt if we will get them all in wishfull thinking
    theres so much to see and do i will have a look at the american road trip company as well
    theres so much running threw my brain cell at the moment im sure i will be back tomorrow asking more questions

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    Default Check out other people's experiences.

    Quote Originally Posted by Foxy View Post
    Only too happy to pass on our experience
    One of the best places to see what others have done, how they went and where they stayed, etc., is in the Roadtrip Field Reports Forum. There is a wealth of experiences there which people have shared with the RTA community.


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    If you have a mobile device, there is a nice app available from REI(a US outdoor outfitting company) for the US National parks. It provides photos and maps of some of the trails. They also identify "family friendly" trails, which are typically shorter routes, but still provide great views.

    Find this app on either the Apple App Store or the Android play store. Search for REI co op guide and download. It's free, and they're adding additional parks all the time.

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    For apps, I would add the ones from Chimani. I don't know the REI apps, but the Chimani apps do not require an Internet wireless connection in order to use it.

    Many of the larger, more popular national parks do not have wifi or cellular coverage when you're within the park unless you're staying in one of the lodges. That includes Yellowstone, Grand Teton, Glacier, Sawtooth National Recreation Area, Badlands, to name the ones I have experience with.


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    thank you i will look into the apps , i have been serching the national parks and i cant wait to go just need to plan a route that we will all be happy with also looks like it just be the 4 of us as well now

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