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    Thanks everyone, I think we will pick up maps when we arrive. And will probably also do the same for Ireland.

    Will keep you posted as it draws closer and will probably ask for advice as we are going along too.

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    Four weeks and counting! :)

    I have realised we have booked at Yavapai Lodge at the Grand Canyon for Monday 29 May which is Memorial Day weekend. Hopefully most of the crowds will clear on the Monday?
    Just wondering if the National Parks pass covers entry to the GC or is it a different pass?
    If its different is there somewhere we can purchase it to avoid the lines to enter?
    We will be coming from Monument Valley.

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    The National Parks Pass certainly covers Grand Canyon National Park, where you'll be visiting. It wouldn't cover the west rim, which is on Tribal lands. (BTW, Monument Valley is also a Tribal Park, so that won't be included in the National Parks Pass).

    I'd still expect fairly large crowds on Memorial Day, but it is what it is. It should at least be a little less busy than on Saturday or Sunday.

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    Default Take it as it comes.

    The last time I was at the South Rim it was Memorial Monday.... but at that time I did not know anything about the holiday. Only learned that later. To say it was busy is a huge understatement, it was absolutely overflowing. Although if you are booked at a lodge, at least you will have somewhere to park

    I still enjoyed my half day there. I had been there before and to the North Rim


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    Thanks for your replies. Great to know the pass covers the GC. When we arrive, is there different queues for those purchasing and those already with a pass?

    Yes Lifey, we are glad at least that with the accommodation booked we can leave the car there which will hopefully mean less stressful trying to get through the rest of the crowds.

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    Well I figure its about time I thank everyone for their previous help and ideas towards our trip. We had an absolute blast!!

    We were lucky enough to score an upgrade with our rental so we got free sat nav :) This really helped in getting around and saved some fights over navigation haha!

    Nashville was great and we stayed in a great Airbnb in a Uni area. We wish we had allocated more time there though. The national parks were incredible and I love how you can be driving along and there is snow covered hills on one side and a completely different view the other.

    We met the most incredibly hospitable guy in Louisiana who took us shooting and to try some great southern cuisine.

    We used a mixture of Airbnbs and budget motels - most of which really weren't that bad and the free breakfast helped to start the day.

    All in all i enjoyed it more than we thought we would. I'm already trying to plan the next road trip.

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    Glad to hear everything worked out so well. Thanks for reporting back!

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    Default More infor?

    Quote Originally Posted by Smithstakeontheworld View Post
    I'm already trying to plan the next road trip.
    Great to hear you had an enjoyable trip and that you've caught the BUG. I'm planning my ninth for next year. Seems so long since I have been on the road.

    Have you thought of sharing some more details in our Roadtrip Field Reports, and showing us some of your pest pics?


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