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  1. Default Road trip from NNJ to Tampa Bay, FL

    Hi guys,
    I am searched the forum and found good answers but some of them were 2012,2013. I need advise about I95 all the way to FL. Last time I passed by Maryland-Virgina I95 I saw they had some express lines thru i95. I am leaving by the end of the month on Saturday morning about 5AM. Some people advised to take I78 -I81-I77-I26 to I95. It is almost 93 miles west to take I81. I do not mind to take it if I am going to save some time . I do not want to go all the way west and encounter the same headache that I95.

    Any 2016, advise will be appreciated

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    Welcome to RTA!

    My choice would be I-78/I-81/I-77/I-26 to I-95. It's a bit longer but avoids almost all traffic hassles and considerable tolls. It's also a lot more scenic.

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    The traffic is still an issue on I-95, even with the "express lanes", because human nature is what it is. The advise to go 78/81/77/26 to 95 still stands. I'm in agreement with GLC -- 81 is VERY scenic.


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    Thank you guys,
    I guess I ll try I81 then. It seems like I95 still a mess.

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    Default nature of the beast

    The reality is that I-95 connects some of the largest cities in the US, going through the most densely populated part of the country. They couldn't build freeways wide enough to really deal with all the traffic, so this drive will be a mess as long as we are driving cars!

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