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    Hi I am wondering if some of you can help me I am visiting form the uk and hiring a rv I am planning on driving from the Grand Canyon flying into Phoenix and then driving back to Orlando giving my self around 8 nights to do this. My husband want to visit Texas and my children want to take in some of Route 66 if possible. Can anyone tell us the bust route I don't know where to start. Thanks xx
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    Default Statr with a little research.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    A common theme here is that there are no generic 'best' route or attraction as it's a case of each to their own. The best place to start is by doing a little research and checking out the maps and seeing what appeals to you all. You can use the search function, or go the RTA Map centre and put in your route to find attractions [Advanced maps in green tool bar above] If you scroll down this page you will find 'Similar threads', just dig around a little to start.

    You won't have a whole lot of free time as you will have 5 fairly full days of driving in an RV and presumably you will want to spend a couple of nights and a full day at the Grand canyon. There are some route 66 towns east of GC, Winslow and Holbrook for example and you could visit the Petrified forest, the kids might like Cadillac ranch near Amarillo, graffiti welcome, or they might enjoy the tacky tourist town of Roswell for an 'out of this world' experience ! Texas is huge so you will need to see what appeals, and just maybe you will have time for a visit to New Orleans.

    Once you have a few markers on the map we can help piece it together and make suggestions.

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    Default First, the Basics

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    There are innumerable details that go into planning and executing a RoadTrip and they all interplay with one another, but the three basics are route, timing, and mode. But before we get to your best route, let's look at the other two. With only eight days to get from Phoenix to Orlando, and taking in the Grand Canyon, you're going to be a bit pressed for time. Especially if you want to see any other sites en route. Also keep in mind that the day after you fly into Phoenix will largely be devoted to getting over jet lag - there's a seven or eight hour time difference (depending on the time of year). Those flying in from the UK are not going to hit the ground running.

    Next is the interplay between timing and mode. With limited time, using a lumbering, petrol-gulping RV that requires extra time each evening to find an appropriate camp site and set up, then more time the next morning to strike camp and get back to and on the highway will eat into your available time. And while you don't mention it, there is also the cost factor. Travel by RV is not about saving money, but about the lifestyle. If you and your family are inveterate RVers, really like traveling that way, and can afford it, then by all means enjoy it. But otherwise you need to look at the cost of renting an RV vs. renting a family sedan. Be sure to include the cost of kit (bedding, utensils, etc. all cost extra), the added fuel cost, the cost of camp sites, and most importantly the one-way drop off fee for leaving your Arizona-based RV in Florida. And if you're not used to driving on the right hand side of the road, do you really want to be learning in a behemoth of an RV, or driving one through cities?

    Anyway, once you've taken all that into account, there's the route. The most straightforward way is to leave the Flagstaff AZ area on I-40 eastbound to Amarillo TX. use US-287 to drop down to the Dallas-Fort Worth area, I-20 east from there to Jackson MS, US-49 to drop down to I-10 along the Gulf Coast, and finally I-75 and the Florida Turnpike to Orlando. You'd need a minimum of five days for such a route. That along with a day to get over jet lag and a day at the Grand Canyon leaves you just one day in the Orlando area. So while there are sites along the way that I would normally recommend, it just doesn't look like you'll have time for them.


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    I assume you will be renting a class C RV. Having driven thousands of miles in rented class C RVs, I have a few suggestions.

    Since a class C is basically a truck, it drives like a truck and can be more tiring than a car or minivan. This is especially true for 30 foot and longer RVs. The advice of driving a reasonable number of hours and taking frequent breaks is especially true for an RV.

    In my experience, stopping for the night and leaving the next morning can actually be quick an easy in an RV, provided that you use no hookups except perhaps electric. If you connect water and sewer, that takes more time and effort. With no hookups, you just turn the key and drive away. Of course, you have to stow all loose items first!

    Expect to average about 9 miles per gallon.

    RVs are usually expensive, but sometimes they are dirt cheap. If your plans are flexible, a one-way relocation special might be available. These are often scooped up quickly. For example, I rented a 32 foot RV from Cruise America for less than $10 per day, with no relocation fees, and insurance was included. This was from SanFrancisco to Phoenix in September. That was 95% off the regular price. That was a rare deal, but 50-75 % off deals are more common. I can't say for sure, but I think they had deals from Phoenix to somewhere in Florida. Keep an eye on their website.

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    Hi thanks for the help with the route, we are used to the rv side of things as we have one in the U.K. So we know about fuel etc. I am thinking it might be worth adding a little longer to out trip to get a little more out of the driving side. Once in Orlando we have have 10-12 nights to oplay with as we want to spend sometime in Orlando at my parents Villa .Thanks for the route idea I will have a look into that.

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    Hi are these booking normally last min ? Or can you book in advance ? Thanks

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    If you are referring to the RV hire then it's best to just keep checking Cruise America's website and click on the 'Hot deals' link to see if there is anything available that suits you, and if not, keep checking back.

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    Default A small tweak

    Quote Originally Posted by AZBuck View Post
    .... US-49 to drop down to I-10 along the Gulf Coast, and finally I-75 and the Florida Turnpike to Orlando. You'd need a minimum of five days for such a route.
    When you get to Tallahassee, rather than go on to I-75, may I suggest you take US-27 though Williston to Ocala. This road is of almost interstate standard and speed, has some very interesting small towns along the way - there is the quilt museum in Chieftan if you're interested - and is much more scenic and lighter travelled than I-75. It should not add any time, as you will not have the congestion of I-75 to deal with.

    The rest of the way into Orlando on I-75 and the turnpike is quite congested (most of the time).


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    We regularly visit Florida and the congestion was a worry. I am wondering if I should change planes and maybe do it it in car so many decisions. Is there much to see between the Grand Canyon and Texas x

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    Default Definitely!

    Quote Originally Posted by Mollie10 View Post
    Is there much to see between the Grand Canyon and Texas x
    If you do a little research on the web, especially on this site, you will get a wealth of information. Since you have travelled to FL before, do you have maps and/or a road atlas which you can now consult. Those maps also have a wealth of information on attractions and points of interest. (If not, you might consider picking up a good road atlas this trip for future use.)

    To start with, you have all the NPs and National Monuments in AZ and NM. Towns along the way of interest would be Winslow (where you can 'Stand on the Corner) Sante Fe (the ride up Sandia Peak) and Taos among others.

    Choosing a car over an RV is a personal decision, but it will certainly help you make better time. It definitely would be easier to park in any of the cities through which you pass.

    When is this trip taking place?


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