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    Default Trip ideas for family with 2year old from UK

    Hey guys,

    You've been super helpful in the past so here I am again, but this time with baby in tow! Husband & I are hoping to come to US (from UK) for 2 weeks next year, maybe June or September, when baby will be just pre/post 2 years old.

    Some of what we have previously visited includes Badlands/Yellowstone/Vegas/Arches/Monument Valley/Grand Canyon/Yosemite/Death Valley/San Fran. We love love love the parks! But we have always covered a lot of miles which I wouldn't want to do with a 2 year old.

    Without visiting old ground too much, we are stumped as to where to start looking for our trip? I was also wondering whether the East might be a better bet as shorter flight time, but there don't seem to be quite so many parks in condensed areas ie without travelling a looooong way between them. I've browsed brochures and the internet, but can't seem to pull together anything that seems suitable at the moment.

    So I'm looking for some suggestions to investigate further if anyone has any? :)

    Thanks all

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    Default For the west.

    Hi and welcome back.

    These are issues we all face and it's really a case of weighing up the Pros and cons and finding something to focus on and build your trip around, there are no right or wrong answers it's about what suits you. Being from the UK myself I love the West and the parks and open spaces so I understand where you are coming from, but everywhere has much more to offer than just the parks when you start to look, including the east. I wouldn't want to compromise my whole trip to save a few hours on flight time alone though, so you just really need to look and research your options and you have plenty of time to do so. You don't say what you would consider 'to many miles' or if you want to spend multiple days in one place, so it's another thing to figure out. If you haven't visited Colorado, flying into Denver and seeing some of the Rockies could be an option. Rocky mountain, Black canyon, Mesa Verde, the Great sand dunes NP's, some great scenic drives and mountain towns and State parks as well. Another area that might appeal is the Pacific Northwest, perhaps flying into Seattle, Olympic, Mt Rainier, Crater Lake National parks are a few on offer along with the coast, Portland, the Columbia River Gorge and Mt St Helens. I will leave others to suggest places in the east, as I am still firmly hooked on the west but as I said, it's your decision and research is the way to go to at least find an area to explore.

    Congratulations on the new addition to your family.
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    Default The Other Coast (and the Other Portland)

    I think that you instincts to have a shorter flight and do less driving with a toddler in tow are quite correct if you want to have an enjoyable time. One of the closest US international airports to the UK is Boston, about seven and a half hours flying time from Heathrow, It would also be a great gateway airport to tour New England and nearby areas. New England has another distinct advantage in that it is relatively compact. In a space no larger than Wyoming you'll find all of this. In addition, if you want a Francophone experience, Montréal and Québec are nearby. While not as visually spectacular as the magnificent parks of the west, New England offers enough scenic variety, history and relaxed charm that make it a favorite destination of many Americans and visitors. I think you would find it very enjoyable and just to scale for a young child.


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    Default One more reason.

    To add to what Buck has suggested, much of which I was thinking of myself, there is one more benefit. Because of the compactness, it is possible to rent accommodation for a number of nights, and go on day trips. We always found when the children were still tiny like that, that they settled much better if they knew where they were going to sleep, rather than having to adjust to a different environment each evening.

    Much more restful for the parents as well.


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    Default Thanks

    Thanks everyone. I'll further investigate all options given I think as they all sound tempting :-)

    I'll keep an eye on here too so should anyone else have any other suggestions they are always welcome!

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