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  1. Default January Road trip down the California coast then to Arizona

    We're getting ready to plan a road trip from Washington state to Arizona but won't be leaving until mid- January. We will be driving a 36' RV and towing vehicle behind. We figure the best way to avoid possible weather related road difficulties it would be best to travel down the coast starting in Central Oregon. Anyone have ideas about the best area to then head east for Arizona? We plan to visit multiple areas of Arizona such as Havisu and Yuma. Thanks

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    Default Why not wait.

    Welcome back !

    The best way to avoid weather related issues as much as possible is to wait and see what the forecasts are saying a couple of days or so before you leave and keep checking while on the road. You don't say how much time you have to get to Arizona or whether you hope to sight see on the way or just travel there as soon as possible, but what I would do is look at the maps and see which route suits your plans the best and then adapt them if need be. Trying to plan around the weather when no one has any idea of what it might be is a fruitless exercise really, and where the weather is concerned, you can't assume anything. There could be clear sky's and dry roads inland and a thick drizzly fog on the coast, who knows ?

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    If you're taking the coastal route down through CA, there are probably some spots (on HWY 1) that you don't want to drive a 36' RV towing a car behind it. Some pretty tight roads and turns along the central coast especially.

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    We will need to make reservations in Arizona at the RV Parks but we can take a couple weeks to get there. I think we mainly hope to avoid snow on the passes of I5 going south.

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    Yes, thanks for the reminder. We've driven Highway 1 before but will have to stay on the 101 for this trip. Trying to figure out where it's best to head east from the coast. Will have to do some map exploration.

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    You don't have many choices at all to get from US-101 to I-5 without some serious mountain roads until you get to the SF area. Your best shot would probably be CA-37 to I-80 east to CA-12. You could go west on I-80 to I-780 to I-680 to I-580 but this may have some traffic issues.

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