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  1. Default Afraid of heights!

    I am planning a trip from the midwest (Bloomington IL) to Charleston SC.
    I am fearful of steep winding roads and very congested traffic in large cities.
    I've located several routes on various websites for this trip, but does anyone have advice as to the best route, considering my problems, without going too far out of my way? Any specific interstates I should avoid?
    Thanks if you can help me out!

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    I'm not terribly familiar with that area, but you should be able to map out which routes have elevation ahead of time. Your phone may be your best ally as far as avoiding heavy traffic.

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    By the most direct route, it would be a little over a day-and-a-half to get from Bloomington to Charleston, but that route goes right the heart of the Great Smoky Mountains as well as Indianapolis, Louisville, Knoxville and Columbia. So the trick would be to find a route that avoids the mountains without adding a number of urban transits and still lets you get to Charleston in two days or less.

    Since there's no real way around the Appalachians to the north of the direct route. you'll need to start out to the south on I-57 to I-24 to Nashville. Use the local beltway, TN-155, to bypass Nashville going around the northeast side of the city to I-40 west to rejoining I-24 south of town. Continue on I-24 through Chattanooga to I-75 south. That misses the mountains; next is to 'miss' Atlanta. At Calhoun GA, take exit 312 and get on GA-53 east and stay on it to Gainesville GA and I-985/US-23 north. Near Baldwin GA, pick up US-123 north to GA-17 east to I-85 north. At Greenville SC, use another beltway, I-185, east to I-385 to I-26 for the rest of the drive into Charleston.

    That's as flat a route with as few major cities as will still allow you to get to Charleston in under two days. But it's still roughly a hundred miles and two hours longer than the most direct route. For your overnight stop I'd suggest Chattanooga which is a little bit farther than halfway. If you arrive near rush hour in the evening, get off the road for a relaxed dinner before continuing on to your hotel room. If you get a hotel room on the southeast side of the city, you won't have to contend with rush hour traffic in the morning.


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    Wow.....such a detailed route to follow! I appreciate the advice and will let you know how it goes. Thanks.

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