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    I'm taking a family road trip from Milwaukee to Assateague state park Maryland in July. I need help in finding a place to spend the night and explore. I would like to drive about 10 hours and stop... Any ideas??

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    The drive ahead of you can be very relaxing with the right attitude, such as sticking to ten hour (repeatable) driving regimens that will let you cover 500-550 miles while still taking short time outs to stretch one's legs and de-concentrate one's mind. In your particular case, your first day would find you somewhere in the Youngstown area if you were to cover half the distance to Assateague. So what I'd suggest is do your exploring in the late afternoon/early evening at Cuyahoga Valley National Park and then drive on the last hour to Youngstown when you're ready to settle in for the night


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    Not sure about which route you are thinking about, but the I-70 option via Indianapolis would help you avoid the toll road intensive I-90.

    Once you arrive to Maryland be aware that the summer beach traffic from around noon on Friday going towards the ocean and after 10am on Sunday westward bound, can be very intense. Going east the traffic bottle necks can begin around the Baltimore and DC area but intensifies once you hit Annapolis, MD.

    On the Eastern Shore of Maryland you might want to stay on US 50 until the US 113 South exit towards Berlin, keeping you on mostly 4-lane highways with fewer traffic lights, compared to the Rt. 404/US 113 route through Delaware.

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    Thanks for the good advice!!!

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