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  1. Default Road Trip from Guntown MS to Las Vegas Suggestions Please

    My husband and I are taking our first major road trip together. He has never been past Texas. I was born in Phoenix but haven't been there since I was 2 years old. I was raised in California and Alabama. I have been to Reno but first time for Vegas. We are so excited. We are attending a national conference for our business, celebrating 130 years. I have made a road trip with my parents as a child from California to Alabama several times and my brother and I have great memories of those trips. My dad would always stop and let my mom get souvenirs. She collected state plates which I now own but he never would go to Phoenix or the Grand Canyon. He always said it was out of our way. I now realize as an adult he was right and he was ready to get to where we were going. My parents have both passed.

    On the way to Vegas as soon as we hit Texas and I spot a 7-11 I am stopping and I must have a Slurpee. These aren't available anywhere near where we live and my husband has never tried one. And as soon as we get to Arizona I must buy a U-NO candy bar. I grew up loving Slurpees and U-NO bars in California. Needless to say when we moved to Alabama and I discovered these were not available, I was devastated.

    We plan to stop on the way to Vegas and rent a room. But we are not sure where to stop and when. On the way back it we will not be on a time schedule.

    We have to be in Vegas by the morning of August 2nd and are leaving Vegas August 4th. On our return trip home we plan to see Phoenix this is a must for me, and the Grand Canyon and the Painted Desert.

    Any other suggestions of things to do and see? And where and when to stop on the way there. We enjoy seeing nature and water and color and music. Any Indian reservations? And best souvenir shops.

    Thank you. Any help is appreciated,

    Tina Patton

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    You need a minimum of 3 full days to safely drive from Guntown to Las Vegas. Oklahoma City and Albuquerque would be the most logical stops.

    Having said that, I-40 does take you as close as you'll get to the Grand Canyon, and if you want to go to Phoenix after Vegas, it would actually make more sense to visit the Canyon and the Painted Desert on your way to Vegas, if you can find a 4th and/or 5th day on your way west. Otherwise, you're going to have to backtrack quite a bit to get to Phoenix on your way home.

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    Default No need to backtrack.

    If you are not on a time schedule on the way home, get out some good maps of each State and see how something like this might work for you.

    From LV head to Zion NP, then through Kanab to Jacob Creek and the North Rim of GCNP. Then head east, there are several other NPs in the area you may like to visit. As you head down to Phoenix, you could visit the South Rim, entering along 64 (Desert View Drive) and exiting to Flagstaff. From there your trip to Phoenix should go through Oak Creek Canyon and the Red Rock Country. Since you are so close, you may also like to visit Tucson, and all there is to see out there. As you head back to TX there are several routes to take which take you past or close to other sites, such as the Wonderland of Rocks in Chiricahua National Monument.

    Some good maps should show you all these places and many more I don't have time to mention, and you probably won't have time to visit.

    Be aware that when in LV you will see many tours to the GC advertised, including flights over the canyon. Very few, if any of these actually go to the NP. They go to the west rim, which is nowhere near as spectacular as the NP. If you can manage a sunset and/or sunrise over the GC, it is an unforgettable experience.

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