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    Default Newbie needs Help Tampa Bay to Oregon PDX area

    Hi All
    I have been trying to search on RTA to see if anyone else has info on my question but I can't find :search" on the thread pages.
    I apologize in advance if I missed it : )

    I'm a woman moving solo using a 2011 RAV4 and am hoping to tow a max 1500lb load from Tampa Bay to near Portland, OR at
    the end of July 2016.

    Info I am looking for:

    Any ideas on the flattest safest route? (save the tranny)

    I'm looking to avoid desolate areas with few gas stops.

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    Default Interstates.

    Hello and welcome to RTA !

    Interstates are designed with gradual gradients and curves to accommodate the biggest of rigs and most steep sections have a slow lane to use safely. There is little point in adding hundreds of miles and lots of time to try and avoid mountains. Your best bet is just to allow lots of time and set a relaxed pace so neither you or your vehicle become overworked and stressed. A week would be a nice amount of time but 5 overnight stops will be the minimum required for such a journey.

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    Thanks for the input!

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    Default They're everywhere.

    It is extremely rare to find long stretches without fuel anywhere in the US. The few there are, you will be warned beforehand via roadside signs. Ensure your fuel gauge does not drop below quarter, and you will always be OK.


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    My recommendation would be to start on I 75 North to I 24 west in Chatanooga, TN..From here 24 runs northwest to I 57 at the southern tip of Illinois, near Cairo...You'll be on 57 north for about an hour before catching Interstate 64 west (follow signs to St. Louis) In St. Louis enter Interstate 70 west, which will take you across Missouri to Kansas City. You'll hop on Interstate 29 northbound in Kansas City...(follow signs to Omaha)...From Omaha, entering Interstate 80 westbound is the next step (this is the most desolate part of the drive so fuel up in or around Omaha)...Continue on I-80 through Nebraska, and southern Wyoming. In Utah, before Salt Lake City you'll switch to Interstate 84 West (signs will point toward Boise, Idaho)....You'll want to top off your gas tank again in or around Boise...84 will lead you directly into Portland, Oregon....

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    Hello and welcome to RTA 511.

    Thanks for jumping in to offer advice on your first ever post, much appreciated. Hope to see more of you on the forums and enjoy RTA !


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    Default On my way!!

    THANKS so much!

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    Drive safely, and let us know how it goes/went!


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