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  1. Default Family Road trip with kids - Dallas to East coast


    We are a family of 4 planning for our very first Road Trip from Dallas to the EAST and back. Planning to visit Boston, Philadelphia and New York.

    Total days 10.
    Start - June 29th after 5PM
    Return - July 10 AM preferably

    2 Adults and 2 kids (8 and 3 1/2 of age).

    This is our first road trip and want to know what other places we can visit on our way.

    Below is what we have planned. Is this doable ? Can you Please recommend some places we can visit on our way...I have heard Nashville,TN and Gatlinburg,TN come on the way are good places to stop.Any other must see places along the way? Any certain places to AVOID?

    June 29 - Start after 5 PM towards Boston, halt @ night (12 ish)
    June 30 - Drive towards Boston, halt @ night
    July 1 - Drive...reach Boston by evening
    July 2 - Tour Boston
    July 3 - Boston (Rhode island)
    July 4 - leave for Philadelphia - (5 hrs)
    July 5 - Tour Philadelphia
    July 6 - Tour NY
    July 7 - Tour NY
    July 8 - Leave for Dallas ,halt @ night
    July 9 - Drive towards Dallas , halt @ night
    July 10 - Return Home Sweet Home

    Best Route ? We have Garmin GPS, but heard Google Maps is better for real time traffic updates...our main goal is to reach the place fastest being on safe roads.
    We dont mind stopping over to cover a good spot (few hours) on our way. Whats the travel experts recommendation on this ?

    We initially planned to visit Niagara first since we will go to Boston via Buffalo, but I am not sure if this will be too much...any advice on this will be helpful.

    I have an idea of the main Tourist attractions to cover in Boston,Philadelphia and NY, but need suggestions on hidden gems which the locals would know about...specially places which would intrest kids.

    We know where to stay in Boston and Philadelphia. NY we will either commute from Philly or might stay 1 night in the city. Rest of them we are planning to book the rooms on the go.

    Thanks in advance for helping us plan the trip !

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    First of all, it is more than three full days of driving to get from Dallas to Boston, especially with young children. Your plan to do it in just over two simply won't work. Then there's the apparent plan to go from Boston to Philadelphia (another full day's drive) and then backtrack to New York City. That's an obvious waste of time adding 200 unnecessary miles, as well as the cost of the New Jersey Turnpike (twice) and two bridges (twice), to your trip. Then again, it's three full days drive from New York back to Dallas. As things now stand, seven of your ten days would be spent constrained to the confines of your automobile. You'd have one day - at most - in each of the cities you'd spend all that time driving to. As we recently pointed out to another poster, for trips this far and time-constrained, it is better to fly and rent a car at your destination, then fly home. At least that way you'd have a fighting chance of having an enjoyable trip.


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