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  1. Default prettiest detour driving from Norwich, VT to Syracuse, NY on a summer day?

    Dear RTA forum,

    From Norwich, VT to Syracuse, NY is only about a 4.5 hour drive if I just stay on the freeways (I-91 S and I-90 W). But since I have allowed about 7-8 hours driving time, I was hoping to get some advice on a more scenic route(s) to take. Something that maybe goes through some of the Adirondacks and/or through some picturesque towns and/or farmland...

    Having lived most of my life in the desert southwest and coastal Southern California, I am not only unfamiliar with the northeast but also would think most any scenic route(s) you suggest to be wonderful since it will be so different compared to the part of the country I am more used to seeing. I studied and searched quite a few of the threads in the Planning Summer Road Trips forum category but most posters have more time available to them for exploring the upstate NY and upper VT area. And then the info on just the Adirondacks alone is a little overwhelming to me. I unfortunately only have one day to get from point A to point B. From reading the forums I'm thinking that I definitely need to plan a trip back to the northeast when I have more time to explore (wow the gorgeous northeast autumn photos!).

    I totally understand if this is not something you usually give advice on since it's such a short trip and awfully specific. Just thought it wouldn't hurt to ask in case anyone has advice to give (and for anyone who might be searching for something similar in the future).

    Thanks, RTA!

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    Default Tough to Pick Just One

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    It's often tough to decide on a 'best' route between two places whenever you have the time to stray from the most direct all-Interstate route. In your case the problem is compounded by driving through some of the most scenic areas of the Northeast: The Appalachians, the Hudson Valley, the Adirondacks, and the Finger Lakes. I have driven through this area quite a bit. I am a former New Englander who transplanted to the Southwest with a seven year 'detour' to central New York. What would I do if I were in your shoes and had the better part of a full day to make such a drive? Probably something like the following:

    Start by heading along the Connecticut River on US-5 down to White River Junction and then take US-4 west to Bridgewater and VT-100 south. This is one of the most rural/scenic routes in the Green Mountains. Take it down to Londonderry and then had west on VT-11 to US-7 south at Manchester. At Suserdland, bear right on VT-7A to VT-313 into New York. You then want to connect with NY-29 either by County Road 61 or NY-313/NY-372. Take NY-29 to Johnstown (just skirting the Adirondacks to your north), NY-30A to Fonda, and NY-5 to Nelliston enjoying the Mohawk River. Finally just use NY-80 to connect with US-20 and follow that the rest of the way into Syracuse.

    With a few short stops to enjoy the views and maybe a short hike or two, as well as a good sit-down lunch, you could probably drive that in about seven hours, give or take.


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    Hi AZBuck,

    I had a (hopeful) feeling you might reply! I've just spent the last few hours (since I first posted my question) reading a lot of your advice to others traveling in the upstate NY and New England areas. I also just started exploring (via various websites) off-interstate roads nearby my area of travel. Like the NY part of Route 20 and VT Routes 4 and 100, all of which you mention on your suggested route (in reply to my request for advice). I am looking forward to looking up all the other parts of the journey you suggest! And of course all of this is making me want to come back to the northeast some time when I can spend more time exploring it. Thank you so much for your route suggestion and after my travels (at the end of the month) I will try to post an update with how it went. Not being from the northeast though, and judging by everyone's amazing photos, I think I will find it all just beautiful.

    Thank you again for replying to not only my post but the many other posts you reply to that I'm sure so many find helpful. Also, thanks again to RTA!

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