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  1. Default Cross country Road Trip

    Traveling from Washington state to Connecticut. Anyone know of any fun "pit stops" along the way? Site seeing adventures, etc...

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    Default More info would help us to help you.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    You haven't left any clues as to what you might regard 'fun', what your interests are, who's travelling and how much time you have. Washington is a pretty big State so where are you starting out from ?

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    I guess that would help now wouldn't it. :) I am traveling from spokane Wa to Boston MA./Connecticut Going on a Mother/Daughter bonding road trip. She is 17. I was looking for some info on any type of "cool" activities we can do together along the way. Sightseeing stops, fun restaurants, shops, those "must see" places. Thank you so much for your reply. It is greatly appreciated!
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    Default Such a great variety.

    Two which come to mind immediately, and you will find them marked on all maps, Wall Drug at Wall and the Corn Palace in Mitchell SD. It really all depends on which route you plan to take. I would think there is a variety along any and each route you plan to choose. Some are touristy, some historical, some natural and wildlife and maybe some shopping, such as the Mall of America in Minneapolis MN.

    Besides that you have scenic routes you could take which you may both get a thrill out of. But that depends on how far off a straight line you want to travel, and exactly how much time you have for the trip, and whether it is a one way or a return trip.

    Get hold of some good maps or a road atlas and check what there is along any given route. You are bound to find a lot of things to interest both of you. The problem with must sees is, one person's must see, is another's must pass by. That's the beauty about a road trip, it is uniquely yours.

    You might like to check out the roadtrip attractions as well (below).


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    Default To which question are you referring.

    Hi jachristina, and Welcome to the Great American Roadtrip Forum

    Maybe be you would like to be more specific. Are you making a similar trip? When and how long do you have for the trip? What specific question would you like answered?

    With a little more information from you about your trip, we will be able to give you suggestions to make it an enjoyable/memorable trip.


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