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    looking to plan a road trip for my Brother-in-law, he has Mt Rushmore on his bucket list along with Black Hills and Badlands National Park. I would like to take him to several attractions and Parks along the way and back. We are looking at 7-10 days on the road. I hate interstate driving, unless there is a need to GET THERE. Hiking in not a factor as his health is not the greatest, walking tours and road scenery will be the norm.

    Thanks in advance Phil

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    Default You want 10 days at the least really.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    With 7-10 days available you won't have too much spare time available as it is when you consider it's a 5.5 to 6 day journey heading out and back. So you really need those 10 days to see the Badlands, Rushmore and the Black Hills area while travelling at a sensible and safe pace. You will have time for brief stops along the way without having time to wander to far away from the direct routes. Why not get a decent map and sit down with your brother and see what appeals to both of you, looking at a different route each way. Maybe Nashville, Land between the Lakes and St Louis one way and then through Mark Twain Forest, Memphis and Tupelo the other. These are just ideas plucked from the map but remember it's your trip so sit down with your Bro and enjoy planning together. Once you have some ideas I am sure others will help fill in the blanks and make suggestions and answer specific questions, but the most important thing is to know you will really need at least those 10 days to make it an enjoyable relaxed trip.

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    Thanks Dave
    Yeah I was figuring on at least 10 to do the trip justice.

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    Default Staying off the interstates.

    You might like to consider heading west and picking up US-82 across MS and then US-65 to Pine Bluff. Follow that with US-270 to Hot Springs, where there is a little known (free) National Park.

    Hot Springs NP. Allow at least half a day, more if you have time, to inspect all the old bath houses [one is a beer tasting outlet], and the promenade walk where you see the water coming out of the mountain at 143F. Be sure to go appropriately equipped. Your travel companion may benefit from a hot spring bath.

    From there pick up scenic rte 7 north, or continue on 270 through the Quachita Mtns. Arkansas is criss crossed with scenic routes. You will find them all marked on your maps or in your road atlas.


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