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    My husband and I are planning a week long road trip for the second week in August. We are departing from Kingston, Washington and are looking for some input as to where to go and why. We have taken the Oregon Coast trip several times and are looking for something different.

    Here are the parameters:

    We will ride approx 200-300 miles per day (4-5 hrs)
    We Are looking for a circuitous route so we can get more scenery in
    We won't be hiking or camping (cheap hotels are fine)
    We enjoy National Monuments, history, architecture, various scenery, good food, art, an eclectic local scene
    Interstates are not very exciting on a roads that are less traveled

    My thoughts were either going: up into Canada, up and over through Idaho into Montana, or over into Idaho and spending more time there.

    Any suggestions? Thanks a bunch.

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    Default Apples or Oranges.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    To make this your own trip, only you can decide in which direction to head and both your options sound fantastic. You could go into Canada and then drop down into Glacier NP and ride the amazing 'Going to the sun road' through the park. You could head out to Yellowstone and back through the Columbia River Gorge into Portland. There are no shortage of great scenic rides linking places together and once you have reached a decision others will help fill in the blanks and answer specific questions. Right now though it's a case of trying to answer, what's best Apples or Oranges.

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    Best advice I can give: Open an atlas, and start looking at what appeals to you. SWDave had a couple of great suggestions. But it's your trip.


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    Default Canada

    Quote Originally Posted by EWallace View Post
    My thoughts were either going: up into Canada,
    Up the Sea to Sky Highway, through Lillooet to Cache Creek, Prince George. Jasper, Banff, and maybe return via Kamloops. Or cross the border sooner and return via US2 which could then take you through Glacier NP and northern ID.

    So many national and Provincial parks on such a route, you could spend months there and not see it all. Especially the route from Jasper to Banff which has many side trips to lookouts waterfalls and more.


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    For motorcycles US 20 all the way to eastern WA and keep going east on Hwy 2... Just to start out with getting out of Seattle area.

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    Default Combining Two Personal Favorites

    Of the possibilities that you have mentioned for your trip, my favorites would both be through the Rockies. However, your constraints - one week, ~250 miles per day, complete loop - mean that you really can't get very far. What you're really left with a loop very similar to the following: Up WA-9 up to Abbotsford BC, BC-7 east to Hope, BC-3 continuing east to Creston, BC-21/ID-1 south back into the US , US-95 south to Sandpoint ID, and US-2 back home. While that's only a thousand miles or so, many of the roads through the mountains won't support 'highway' speeds, especially if you decide to wander off down the many side roads, or you could stretch it a bit and get to Glacier National Park and up to the summit of Going to the Sun Road before turning around and heading for home.


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