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  1. Default Chicago to Dallas - suggestions for stops for family

    We are going to Dallas from Chicago one way . family of three including 8 years kid.
    Planning to visit Lincoln museum in spring field IL. may be St Louis arch.
    Can you please suggest any good places to visit/scenic/historic places from St Louis to Dallas ?

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    Default Lots of history!

    Welcome to RTA!

    How long do you have for the trip? Chicago to Dallas without sightseeing stops is a two day drive.

    There's more to Springfield than the Lincoln Museum, and more to Lincoln than just the Museum. I'm thinking Lincoln's Tomb, New Salem, the Illinois capitol building, to name a few. St Louis not only has the Arch (watch out, there's a lot of construction under it, these days), but has an (almost) free zoo, Grant's Farm, one of the Six Flags amusement parks is just outside of STL, and there's a great children's science museum there.

    Not far from I-44, just southeast of Springfield, Missouri, is Mansfield, MO. Laura Ingalls Wilder (the author) wrote all of the Little House books in her homes there. There are two houses to tour, one is called "The rock house" (which Laura's daughter Rose had built for her), and the other was the farm house that Almanzo built for Laura. A museum also has a number of things, including Pa's violin.

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    Thank you very much for Donna. We are thinking of 2 or 2.5 days trip.
    We may skip St Louis. Any good places to stop other than St Louis?
    What about branson? is it worth?

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    I can't comment too much about Branson. There's Silver Dollar City there (a theme park) and a lot of shows to go see.

    If that "2 or 2.5 days trip" is what you have to *drive* this, that's about all you're going to do. Chicago to Dallas, via the shortest route, is about 925 miles. That's two days of 460-465 miles, which is about 9 hours per day with just fuel, fast food, and potty stops. You can probably add a 1-2 hour stop someplace like Springfield IL, or somewhere else the next day.


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    Thanks Donna. We had added one more day. For 3 days what are the best stops you suggest.
    This is our first trip.

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    The "best" stops are the ones that you want to make. Do you have paper maps, or an atlas? If not, time to get some! If you're in Chicagoland, you can pick up an atlas at any big box store, book store, or perhaps your local AAA. If you're not local to Chicago, you can order one from the RTA store -- just scroll down -- and you'll have it in a couple of weeks. Speaking of that, if you're a member of the Chicago Motor Club (AAA), you could get maps "free" from there. Once you get maps or an atlas, look for the things nearby that sound interesting to you.

    I've mentioned a few things that sounded interesting to me, or an 8 year old child, already. Your interests may be totally different from mine, however.


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