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    I would like to take a road trip with my 16 year old son this summer. Unfortunately, I have physical limitations and can only do light activities. We live in Ontario, so if possible, would like some ideas on places closer to NY, VT, NH, MASS, PA, Maine, NJ, etc. If it's really awesome, we will travel further!

    He enjoys guided tours when the topics are interesting to him (graveyards?), and of course he likes video games. I can walk at a medium pace for quite some time. He enjoys going to NY city and walking around China Town, etc.

    I would greatly appreciate any ideas you might have.

    Thank you!

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    A few basic questions to get started. First, where in Ontario are you starting from? (I'm guessing that you are closer to Toronto than Thunder Bay) Second, how much time do you have for this trip?

    It sounds like you're gravitating more towards cities, and in that regard, I might think Montreal, Boston, Philadelphia, or Chicago could potentially be of interest.

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    Thanks Midwest Michael for the quick response!

    We are leaving from Ottawa. Cities or towns are fine, we are flexible, we are most interested in just doing things that we would like together.

    I am thinking about a week, but are somewhat flexible.

    Thanks again!

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    One thing that might be fun (and an eye-opener for you and your son) is to open a large map of the eastern United States and Canadian provinces, and start perusing it. You may hear, or find yourself saying, "oh, this would be fun to see!" or "this sounds so cool!"

    If your son likes graveyards, there are certainly plenty of them. Does he have a particular type? For instance, military cemeteries? Graveyards where "the stars" or some specific person might be buried? Or doing a little geneology? Is he familiar with the website, FindAGrave? I've done my share of perusing cemeteries, and know first-hand how difficult it can be to find a specific grave in all but the smallest graveyards.


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    Thanks Donna R57. I mentioned graves because we had a tour of one once, and it was very interesting. He enjoyed the stories. It wasn't necessarily of famous people. A guided tour made it much more interesting. Do you know of any graveyards that do this? thanks again

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    Gettysburg (PA) often has a docent or ranger giving a talk or tour, or you can pay for the guided tour of Gettysburg by a commercial company that will include the cemetery. That's the only one I can think of, offhand.


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