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    Default Advice: Travelling to FL on Thursday

    Hi -

    I have been reading a handful of threads but since each situation is unique, I was hoping I can get some advice for my own.

    I am coming from Leesburg, VA (20176) and travelling to Miami, FL on June 2, then to Orlando on June, 4, Saturday.
    We are planning on leaving June 2, Thursday and hoping to get to Miami by Friday no later than 5 PM June 3, Friday. My wife and I are debating the best time to leave and when to stop for the night, before proceeding to Miami the next day. As mentioned, our goal is to get to Miami by Friday at 5PM, or earlier if any possible. Proceeding to Orlando on June 4 shouldn't be too much of an issue since it is only a 3 hour drive so we are planning on leaving Miami at around 12 noon in time for our check in time at DW.

    Going home, we are somewhat under time crunch since our guests have a flight to catch on June 12. We are planning on leaving Orlando on June 10, and be home by noon June 11. We haven't really planned out our return trip so any advice is also appreciated.

    I would definitely appreciate any tips or suggestions you may have for this upcoming trip going to and from. Thanks!

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    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    With almost 2 full days of travelling you will probably be able to make Miami by 5pm with reasonably early starts each day. On day one, if you got on the road around 7am you should be able to look at Hardeeville SC as an overnight stop which has a few motels and I would estimate to be 10 to 11 hours of travel with regular breaks for rest, food and fuel. That would give you a good nights rest before continuing on with your journey the next day, again a 7am start should see you at your destination by 5pm, but someone with better knowledge of the route may say otherwise. If you are early risers and get on the road earlier it would leave you some 'wiggle' room, but I wouldn't get tempted to push too far on day one, as fatigue could set in the next day.

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    As Dave indicated, you're looking at 2 full days of driving to get to Miami. Savannah is the absolute farthest you should try to travel on your first day, and even that will leave you a good 8-9 hours to get to Miami on day 2.

    A warning however, Miami to Orlando is not a 3 hour drive. It's 240 miles, and a solid 4 hours in good conditions. Noting that, I really don't understand driving all the way to Miami, if you're just going to turn around and drive back north to Orlando the next day. There are many other cities on the Florida coast that would make far more sense.

    Returning home Smithfield, NC is really as far north as you should try to drive in a day from Orlando. Even that will leave you about 5 hours for your final day on the road.

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