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    Hi! Our brother has decided to marry in Vegas mid August next year and 4 of us have decided to make it a road trip - help!! Our plan is to start and finish in San Francisco: SF/Sacramento/South Lake Tahoe/Yosemite/Death Valley/Vegas (for wedding) then 2nd week Grand Canyon/Phoenix/San Diego/Los Angeles following coast road back to SF. Does this sound plausible - any advise would be welcome x

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    Yes, I suppose you could get to all those places in two weeks, but at what cost? It seems as though you'd end up driving a lot of miles for relatively short visits (hours) at places that require days to begin to fully appreciate. What I'd suggest is that the four of you sit down together and decide which few sites you'd like to see before, and which few sites after, the wedding. And while you're discussing that, here are some more discussions from/about others who have made similar trips.

    One thing that should be emphasized is that August is perhaps not the best time to see Death Valley due to the extreme heat. In fact, RV rental firms typically will not allow their vehicles into the Valley in August because of the conditions. A rental car would probably be allowed, but check with them first. And even if they permit it, you probably shouldn't plan on doing any hiking or other daytime outside activities during your visit.

    On the 'after wedding' portion of your trip, note that taking the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH, CA-1) between Los Angeles and San Francisco will require a minimum of two days since it is a two lane road with lots of slower traffic and many scenic pull-outs. So again, just the driving portion of this leg (from Las Vegas to San Diego, to Los Angeles, to San Francisco via the PCH could easily eat up three plus days of your available time, leaving you less than a day in each of the main cities on your itinerary, let alone the magnificent natural areas along the route.


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    Thanks AZBuck for your reply - advice and link gratefully received x

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    It would be worth considering reversing your trip so that when you head south down the coast the ocean and it's scenic pull outs will be on your side of the road. If your 2 weeks is total and include 2 or 3 days in Vegas for the wedding then I think you are being over ambitious as AZBuck alluded to. I think it would be a nicer experience if you cut back and I would look at San Diego, Phoenix, Lake Tahoe and Sacramento as a 'natural' cull. For example head down the coast from SF to LA and then across to the Grand canyon and then to Vegas. From Vegas across Death valley and up US395 and then into Yosemite via the spectacular Tioga Pass and back to SF. If your trip is to be split evenly either side of the wedding it may balance better if you take a look around SF at the end of your trip.

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    Southwest Dave - After reading AZBuck I looked again at planned route and I took out exactly what you have now suggested! I think your suggestion of reversing trip sounds a much better plan. Thank you for your valuable reply x

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