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  1. Default Dallas to Boise this winter. Suggestions please.

    Planning winter relocation from Dallas to Boise and looking for recommended route. Want to avoid snow and ice to extent possible. Thinking of going via Las vegas but concerned about long non-interstate drive north through eastern Nevada. Via I 80 across Wyoming is Mapquest recommended route, but are snow, wind, and ice likely to be a problem? Will be driving car with new, but not snow tires.

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    The best way to avoid winter weather is not to go east or west, north or south, or even high or low. The best way is to simply have enough time available that you can adjust your trip around any such weather, especially having enough time to simply sit such weather out in a nice warm motel room, let the road crews do their jobs, and only return to the highway after the roads are clear and the sun is back out. A decent rule of thumb on what would otherwise be a three day drive is to have a full extra day in hand should you need it. Other than that stick to the shortest (less time on the road means less opportunity for a storm to find you) all-Interstate (they receiver first priority on snow removal) route available to you. In this case, the shortest rout is not all-Interstate, but your surface roads are at the start of your trip, in west Texas and on the high plains where you'll have your best fore-knowledge of weather conditions and precipitation in any form is less likely. That would be US-287 up to Limon CO, I-70 to Denver, I-25 to Cheyenne and I-80 into Utah, and I-84 up to Boise. If the weather is clear when you get there and there's no snow in the forecast, you can save a little bit of time by using US-287 as a shortcut from I-25 to I-80, using it from Fort Collins CO to Laramie WY.

    Overnight stops should be roughly Springfield CO and Rock Springs WY, but I probably wouldn't make reservations so as to maintain the flexibility to get off the road whenever and wherever the weather dictated. But I would keep those two towns as mental way points to let me know how the trip is progressing. If your tires are of the 'all weather' variety they should be just fine for light snow, anything beyond that and you should be getting off the road for a while anyway.


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    Thanks, AZBuck.I've driven 287 from Dallas to I-25. Raton Pass is a concern. But I-80 from Cheyenne to Ogden, Utah could be more of a problem because of wind.

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    You really are best off just to wait and see what the weather forecasts and road conditions are before you leave and make an informed decision then. There is no route that is immune from winter weather and the weather is unpredictable until much nearer the time.

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    As Dave and Buck both indicated, there isn't a route you can take that is immune from having concerns or potential problems.

    You could have issues just getting out of Dallas - I've been there in November and saw the city shut down because of a small ice storm. In addition to ice issues, I-40 towards Las Vegas has 3 passes that cross 7,000 feet in New Mexico and Arizona. Most of eastern Nevada gets as much snow in winter as places like Chicago or Denver.

    The point isn't to scare you, it's just to point out the reality of winter weather - that you need to be prepared for anything. Going via Vegas means you're adding 300 miles to your trip - many of which are non-freeway miles. That's essentially an entire extra day of driving - as you'd certainly need at least one more overnight stop, even in good conditions. It could have you driving right into a storm that you'd avoid by taking the more direct path.

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