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  1. Default California/Las Vegas trip??

    Hi help us plan our trip...

    never been to California or Las Vegas before. Our daughter will be in San Diego for the month of July so we would like to visit her during this trip ( maybe a 2 night stay??). We are planning on a 10 night 11 day trip.

    We were thinking of doing California's coastline trip and love to go to visit a few wineries as well and Las Vegas & any other sights in between.
    So, I have no idea how many days we should stay in Vegas and how long it would take to head down the coast where we aren't rushing our trip. Any advise would greatly be appreciated!!

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    Welcome to RTA!

    It's hard to get a good picture of this trip, such as where you're starting from -- is it a loop trip you want with San Diego as the beginning?

    Coastal trip is probably better done in a southerly direction, because all the scenic pullouts will be on the west side of the road. You should allow 2 days between San Francisco and Los Angeles. LA to San Diego is about a 2-4 hour drive (depending on where in LA and at what time of the day), and that's on I-5. You can see the coast from the 5.

    As for how much time in Las Vegas -- well, it's your trip. It depends on what you like to do. Las Vegas is The Strip to some folks, which means gambling, lotsa bucks spent on overnights and food. But there are places of beauty that can be seen (Valley of Fire State Park, Red Rocks) and quirky things to do (Count's Cars, The Pawn Stars Shop, and Rick's Restorations if you're into any of those reality TV shows).

    Wineries -- there are a few in the San Diego area, mostly around Ramona, Escondido, and some up in the mountains in Julian. Another area is Temecula. You don't have to travel far from San Diego to get decent wine!


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    Thanks Donna, I'm sorry I should of said we wanted to start north work down to San Diego. Vegas, gamble a little and just see the sights!
    Thanks for your info this helps a lot!!

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    I've been to Vegas several times, and can confidently say that 3 days is plenty to give you a good taste of the town. 4 can start to feel like a bit much, although it depends what you're looking for. But because you're also looking at California, I'd plan to stay in Vegas for at least 2 full, if not 3 days.

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    When you say "Start North" what exactly do you mean. San Francisco ? If you are starting and ending from the same place then it really doesn't matter whether it's LA, LV or SF, you could see which is cheapest to fly in and out of. A popular loop including these City's would look like this, SF > LA down the coast via Big Sur which requites at least one overnight stop. LA >SD and then either direct to Las Vegas or first head to the Grand canyon then LV. From LV through Death valley and into Yosemite NP via Tioga Pass and back to SF. That would fill 11 days quite quickly so you need to do a bit of research, see what appeals and then work on a timeline. Once you have got that far we can help to 'Fine tune' your plans.

  6. Default Road trip from Las Vegas to LA

    Here is a rough draft of our first timers road trip... If someone could please check the first part of our trip to see if it doable this would be great!! I'm at a loss with the coastal part of it from San Francisco to LA not sure of the most important sights and where to stay and do we have enough time? As far as the LA we're not really interested in seeing anything we just we want to make that stop to go back home to the airport. Thanks ��

    Saturday... Flying into Las Vegas arriving at 11:15 am spend 2 nights

    Sunday...full day in Vegas

    Monday..leave Vegas drive to Mammouth Lakes spend 3 nights trip to Yosemite park

    Wednesday...tour around Mammouth Lake area

    Thursday...depart head to Amador Wine Country 2 nights

    Friday...Visit wineries

    Saturday....depart drive to San Francisco ***not thinking of staying here but day visit a few sights ( bridge, trolly ride, etc) then start heading down the coast to eventually heading to LA not sure where to spend this night not interested in San Francisco.


    Monday ....?

    Tuesday...arrive in LA and depart back home.

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    A day trip to Yosemite valley will be at least 6 hours driving and you won't have time to visit Glacier point. I really think you should consider driving to Mammoth lakes for a night, explore a little and then drive into Yosemite and if you can't stay in the park [availability, budget] look at one of the nearby towns on the west side of the mountains. If you don't wish to stay in SF you could consider Monterey and then Cambria or Santa Barbara. An Alcatraz tour is a highlight of any visit to SF.

  8. Default September travel Las Vegas to Mammouth Lakes question....

    is there a quicker route? I see it approx. a 5 1/2 hr trip from what I calculate,
    and is there a way to by pass death valley??


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    Yes, it's about 5.5 hours. Fastest route is US-95 to NV-266/CA-168 to US-395 to CA-203. This bypasses Death Valley.

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    Thanks so much!!

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