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  1. Default Denver - Grand Canyon round trip, 10 day RV Rental

    Hello Roadtrippers, I'm seeking some advice on a quickly approaching trip.
    Were a pretty well road trip traveled family of five with kids 10, 14, 16.
    Normally we pack up the Town & Country and off we go! This year were trying something new. Were flying to Denver mid-June and renting a 30 RV for a 10 day round trip adventure to the Grand Canyon and everything in between.
    Ive got a list of places wed like to see.... but Im not too sure what is manageable with RV travel and some limitations it may bring.
    I dont want to bite off too much and end up going full blown "Clark Griswold"

    We arrive in Denver on a Saturday. By the time we pick up the RV, go shopping and get on the road I imagine it will be around 2pm. The only reservations weve made so far are at the Grand Canyon for Tue, Wed, Thurs. with intentions of only staying 2 of those days, depending on what I learn HERE.
    Places wed like to see: (kind of in a clockwise manner)
    Pikes Peak - Wed rent a car for the day and drive it. We drove up Mt. Washington last year and the kids loved it. Now they want to tackle Pikes Peak too! No interest in taking the Cog Railway up.
    Garden of the Gods
    Manitou Cliff Dwellings
    Mesa Verde
    Four Corners
    Monument Valley
    Grand Canyon South Rim (reservations Tue, Wed, Thurs?)
    Antelope Canyon (pictures have always amazed me)
    Bryce Canyon
    Black Canyon - Gunnison

    I'm hoping not to burn the kids out on hiking or looking at more orange rocks! so if anything above could be skipped to facilitate other options, I'm open to any suggestions.

    We've traveled to Yellowstone and Grand Tetons six years ago so I don't think we will be going north of Moab.
    We have the "All Kids in a Park Pass so we're good to go with the NP's.

    - Anxious to get some input

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    Default Briefly....

    Hi, and Welcome to the Great American roadtrip Forum.

    Be aware that you need to book tickets for the ranger led tours in Mesa Verda..... especially if you want to do both tours on the one day. The tours take in the most significant parts of the park, and these cannot be accessed other than on tour.

    From the sound of it, you have the children all set up to take part in the Junior Ranger program. A great program from which you will all benefit.

    Looks like a fantastic trip. I'll leave more detailed comments up to others.


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    Default Time keeping.

    I am not quite sure how you hope to find the time to actually visit the places listed as things are. Saturday will be all but gone, then add a day for Pikes Peak, 3 days in Grand canyon and 4 days of driving and if you have to arrive back on day 10 to catch a flight, that day will be limited. I would say that 2 nights at the Grand canyon may be enough for you depending on what you want to prioritise, but tours at Antelope canyon as well as Mesa Verde take time and booking. The National parks could well be booked up with RV spaces as large sites are limited in number and sought after, so something you may need to look into when you have decided. With the attractions you have listed I would head out on I70 to Moab and then to Bryce and Zion and the to Page AZ. You could visit the North rim before Page or the South rim after. Then through Monument valley to Four Corners, Mesa Verde and Black canyon and then take US50 towards Pikes Peak and Garden of the Gods. You could reverse the order, but either way you will have to be selective of where to spend time or you could just end up rushing from one to another. If you could stretch it out another few days you would have a more relaxing trip for sure.

  4. Default

    Looking back..... it definitely is too much to do.
    I think i'm going to start all over and post a new thread, simply asking suggestions for a 10 day itinerary and go from there. Thank you Southwest Dave and Lifemagician for your advice.

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    Default Change, But Please Stay Here

    By all means go back to the drawing board, but please do not start a new thread when you have your revised plans. Simply post your new itinerary here so that people can see how your ideas are evolving and don't waste time giving you the same advice twice.


  6. Default Denver to Grand Canyon - 10 day loop suggestions ??

    I'm interested in hearing itinerary suggestions, as my original thread had WAY too much to do !

    Renting an RV in Denver for 11 days/10 nights (round trip) with plans to see The Grand Canyon and whatever else we can fit in.
    We have 3 girls, ages 16, 14 & 10. We have 3 days reserved at Trailer Village in the Grand Canyon (nights 4,5,6) but we may only use 2.

    I realize each NP has it's own splendor but if necessary... what could be skipped vs. not miss ?

    Not looking to do any extensive hiking but Arches and Antelope Canyon are a must
    (The hike/terrain to Delicate Arch will test my youngest's limits)

    I understand RV accommodations WILL be limited at the last minute, so BLM Boondocking will do.
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    Arches has a campground deep within it. There is always a sign at the entrance to the park, as to whether it is full or not. There are a number of underused BLM campsites all around Moab, some along UT-128.

    You might start putting your plans down on paper, on a day to day plan. Remember to allow for slower driving with a large rig.


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    Default Utilising BLM lands.

    There are two large BLM sites between US191 and Arches, almost opposite Dead Horse SP. They are signposted. Just be aware, you will not have any facilities. No water, no dump, nothing but glorious peace and wonderful scenery. Not sure how the teenagers will cope with that.

    If you speak to the rangers at the various ranger's offices in GJ, Moab and other places, they will tell you where campgrounds are.


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