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  1. Default 2 gals driving from California to South Carolina

    Arggh third time writing this, my computer keeps crashing!

    Hello. My name is Naomi, my sister and I are planning a road trip from Lompoc, CA to Camden, SC. I am hoping to get some feedback as this will be our first major road trip. Any comments and suggestions are welcome!

    About us:
    I'm in my thirties, I love nature, entertainment, music, food, clubs, weird stuff, and the arts
    My sister just turned 18, she loves nature, music, food, she's Christian, smart and is a happy go lucky type of gal

    Reason for going: We will be dropping off a car (the one we will be driving) to a friend who just moved to SC. We will be flying home from SC to California.

    The plan:

    June 12th/ Day 1: Lompoc, CA to Las Vegas, NV (drive about 7 hrs). Leave at 8am, arrive around 4pm check in to cheap hotel/motel or airbnb and get dinner, and play some slots.

    June 13th/ Day 2: Las Vegas, NV to Grand Canyon National Park, AZ (drive 5 hrs). Leave LV at 7am arrive at park around 12pm. Check into airbnb or h/motel, have lunch and see south rim of canyon and possibly hike a small trail.

    June 14th/ Day 3: GCNP, AZ to Albuquerque NM (drive about 7 hours). Leave at 10 am. Arrive around 5pm check into airbnb or h/motel and have dinner. Possibly see Breaking Bad house in the morning :)

    June 15th/ Day 4: Albuquerque, NM to Lubbock, TX (drive 5 hrs) Leave after seeing Breaking Bad house around noon. Arrive around 5/6pm. See Buddy Holly museum. Have dinner check into m/hotel/airbnb.

    June 15th/ Day 5: Lubbock, TX to Austin, TX (drive 6 hrs) Leave at 8am. Arrive at 4pm. Check into airbnb, h/motel. Go to dinner. Go to 18 and over nightclub, possibly Elysium, Kingdom or some where my 18 yr old sister can go with me. Any cool 18 and up club!

    June 16th/ Day 6: Austin TX to New Orleans, LA (drive 8 hrs). Leave around 8 am. Arrive at 6pm. Check into airbnb, h/motel and have dinner somewhere culturally cool and famous!

    June 17th/ Day 7: New Orleans, LA to Memphis, TN (drive 6 hrs.) Have breakfast in French quarter or Bourbon st. Then leave around 12pm and arrive around 6 pm. Check into airbnb, h/motel.

    June 18th/ Day 8: Memphis, TN, to Nashville, TN (drive 3 hrs). See Sun Studios, and Stax Records in morning/afternnon and then leave for Nashville around 3pm. Arrive in Nashville at 6pm. Check into airbnb, h/motel and then eat somewhere nice for dinner.

    June 19th/ Day 9: Nashville, TN to Camden, SC (drive 8 hrs). Have breakfast in Nashville and leave at 11 am and arrive at our destination around 9pm. We're done!

    Okay so I was thinking I could skip Memphis and Nashville and stay in NOLA longer, or skip NOLA and stay in Memphis and Nashville longer.
    Also, I could do GCNP to Sante Fe, NM and then to Amarillo TX to Austin. I dont know! What do you guys think?

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    Default Bravo!

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    You've done an excellent job of planning. Everything you've come up with looks pretty good to me.

    Your sister may find being in Vegas a bit of a hassle. Not only can she not play slots, she can't be anywhere around the casino floor. If she even stops to look over your shoulder while you play, she'll quickly be asked to leave.

    If you stop at the Breaking Bad home, don't be tempted to throw a pizza on the roof (the owner is getting very sick of that!).

    I do think on the eastern end of your trip, I might give yourself more time in NOLA and skip Memphis and Nashville. Tennessee becomes a fairly big detour, once you've dropped down to Austin. As it is, it will be a full day from Austin to NOLA, so more time could be a good thing. Perhaps instead, you could check out Atlanta, or maybe explore some of the gulf coast beaches in Florida?

    But like I said, everything you have come up with at this point looks very good and workable, if you decide to keep it as is.

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    The only thing I see in your plan is that you will be arriving on June 20th, not the 19th. You have listed June 15th as both Day 4 and Day 5. Oops!

    I agree with MWMichael regarding Las Vegas and your sister's age. Last summer, we saw a number of younger folks being carded while on the casino floor.

    I'm curious about the use of airbnb, though, for single night stops.?

    In some cases, you'll need to allow a little more driving time. Austin to New Orleans is just over 500 miles, and will probably take you around 9 hours (rather than the 8 you posted). New Orleans to Memphis is about 400 miles, which will be 7 hours. (If you were getting your driving times from an online mapping program, bear in mind that you need to add time for fuel-food-bathroom-construction-traffic slowdowns. The driving times they post are not real world driving times. I usually take their mileage, divide by 50, 55, or 60 depending on type of road we are driving on, and that gives me how many hours to expect to be on the road.)


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    I'm curious - what routes are you planning to get from Lompoc to LV? I can give you a suggestion that will bypass most of the LA traffic if you want.

    (PS - please bring me some fish and chips from Alfie's!)

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