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  1. Default Summer family road trip from Austin to DC

    We are planning a week-long trip driving from Texas to DC and I was wanting to find some places of interest between here and there. Looking to have an overnight stay maybe at the halfway point or something. We have 2 kids - teenager and a preteen, so we'd like to find something that would interest them as well. Both aren't too keen on the outdoors 😁. Any help or advice is much appreciated. Thanks!

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    Default Need to re-think.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    I'm sorry to say that planning to stop half way and find something interesting for the Kid's to do is just not going to work. The trip will require at least 2 overnight stops and the best part of 3 days to complete each way which is going to leave you a day [and a bit] at your destination. Trying to do the drive in 2 days will not only feel like work for you and torture for the Kids, it would actually be unsafe as fatigue is bound to set in. It's actually further than professional drivers are allowed to drive by law because of safety issues. If you stopped around Fredonia TN and Kingsport TN you could possibly get into DC after lunch on day 3, and come home via Atlanta just for a different route, but unless you can find a bit more time it would be worth considering a destination nearer home or flying. [I am presuming this is a round trip ?]

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    Thanks for the info! You're probably right...stopping halfway somewhere to sightsee may not work given the one week time frame. We've made the trip to California in 2 days and, while DC is about 3 hours more on the road, I'm confident we'll be able to do it within 2 days as well. Hubby and I switch off driving so not all the driving is on one person. But thanks for the concern! And, yes, it is round trip.
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    Default An Extremely Dangerous Plan

    While you may be confident that you can "do it within 2 days," let's be clear, it is impossible to cover 1500 miles safely over the course of 2 days - even with 2 drivers. The human body simply can not sit in a car for 14+ hours a day - for back to back days, no less - and have the alertness level required to safely operate a 2 ton machine at 70 mph. Trying to do so means your reflexes and reaction times will be just like that of a drunk driver.

    If you would never consider driving drunk - especially with your children in the car - then please, reconsider your plans to make this trip in 2 days. Your current plan would be every bit as dangerous, and you are also setting a very poor example for your children, who will soon be driving themselves.

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    As harsh as it may sound, the reality is that not one of the 100,000 [plus] people involved in crashes due to fatigue in the USA per year, including an estimated 1500 deaths, set out thinking they weren't going to make it. They all felt that it was OK for them, they were somehow different, they are no different. The results are tragic. Fatigue is a cunning force to reckon with, it sets in hard when you are already too tired to make sensible judgement calls.

    Have a safe trip !!!

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    I feel sorry for the kids. Way back when, my parents dragged us kids along for a very, very, very long day in the car. Admittedly, they didn't plan it that way, but they were trying to beat a storm. (They won.) Us kids, however, were stuck in the back of the car for hours upon hours. Neither of us liked it very much.

    Think about what you're doing to your kids. I would choose something a lot closer to home. Have you thought about the Great Smoky Mountains? Or perhaps, Branson Missouri?


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