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  1. Default Aussies traveling from Charlotte to New Orleans

    Looking for some advice on interesting places, issues we could encounter! We have 10 days to drive between the 2 places

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    Default Interesting ?

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    This is a comfortable day and a half drive so you have plenty of scope. You don't say what you are interested in so it's hard to make suggestions until you have some ideas of what you might like to do. A group of senior ladies might find a haberdashery store interesting, a stag party might not ! ;-)

    I would suggest you use the search function and other road trip planning pages while looking at the maps and once you have a few more dots I am sure others will help fill in the blanks. Just two examples would be head to the coast and down to Florida, [even the Keys] or through the Smokey mountains to Nashville and Memphis.

    Enjoy the planning.

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    Hi - sorry I should have given more detail. We love music, wineries, beautiful sceneries and different food experiences. We are in our 40's holidaying with no kids (haberdashery might be off the itinerary this time) we would like to see Nashville, Memphis and get to New Orleans at the end of the 10 days.

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    Default From one Aussie to another.

    You can never give too much detail when seeking advice. When is this trip taking place? Which month can sometimes make a great difference as to the advice you receive.

    How much time do you plan to spend in Charlotte before you leave on your trip, and how long do you want to have in New Orleans?

    But let me tell you a few things which I have found useful. You don't say where you live, but if you are a member of RACV, NRMA or similar, be sure you take your membership with you. It will give you access to tourism information and maps from the AAA. They have offices in virtually every town and definitely in all the cities, so you could probably pick up some maps while in Charlotte.

    Then you can follow the suggestions made here, and see on the maps what other places there are along the which may interest you.

    If Memphis and Nashville are on your list, then I would probably follow Dave's suggestions, and look at the Smokey mountains. Most of your time can easily be taken up there, and you could choose the slower scenic routes, rather than having to go on the super fast interstates, which mostly by pass the best the country has to offer.


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