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    New to the forum. planning a road trip from Florida to Massachusetts next month. Over night in Virginia, NYC, Connecticut and Massachusetts. How long do you guys drive each day? Is Virginia too far for the first overnight? .. Overwhelmed.

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Unfortunately, there's simply no way that we can accurately answer a question as broad and undefined as "Is Virginia too far for the first overnight {from Florida}?" If you're departing Jacksonville and planning to stop in Emporia, then yes, that's just possible in a relatively easy and repeatable day's drive of slightly under 550 miles. But if you're leaving from Key West and planning to get to just outside Washington in northern Virginia, then no, at around 1200 miles that is way too far to drive in a day. That would even be pushing it to try t accomplish in two full days.

    As a good rule of thumb, when planning multi-day RoadTrip drives, use 550 miles as a solid day of driving. That allows for a full night's sleep, some time to have some breakfast and load up, additional time for food, fuel and restroom breaks, as well as time for a few short breaks from the road for your own sanity. Most people can maintain that pace day after day - something you'll need to do to get back to Massachusetts. Plan in terms of miles, not hours. And note especially that the drive time estimates that you will get from computer-based mapping software are pure fantasy. Do not believe them for an instant.

    By that reckoning, I simply can't see why you'd want to stop in both New York City and Connecticut. From NYC it's only 220 miles to Boston, an easy half day, and certainly doesn't require another overnight stop. If you care to share your actual starting and ending points, as well as your objectives on the drive, we can recommend some workable overnight stopping points, but as I noted above 'Florida' and 'Massachusetts' are simply too vague for us to give you specific suggestions.


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    Next month, I too will be driving from FL to MA. to be more precise, it will be Ft Lauderdale to Newton.

    My plan, without any specific sightseeing, having been to and through the areas on several occasions, is to stop for the night in the Charleston/Savannah region Then head inland towards I-81 and take that through Harrisburg to I-84. From 84 the Masspike and I-95 into Newton.

    I will stop for another night,, but I will decide where that is on the day. My aim is to avoid all the DC, Philly and NYC areas.


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