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    Hello all, new to the forum. First time trying to plan a road trip with me, husband & 2 boys 13 and almost 10. Been trying to read up on tips, got an atlas, will get walkie talkies, maybe even a cb. Wanna see Yellowstone, Mt Rushmore and see friends in Michigan. Need to do it in 6 days. Any must see's? Tips? Thank you in advance..MUCH appreciated!

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    Default Six Days Isn't All That Much

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    Unfortunately, it takes a solid five days to cross the country, especially in the north where it's a bit wider. If you really do want to make a small detour and visit friends in Michigan, then you really don't have time for Yellowstone. Actually, even without the detour, I'd recommend that you skip Yellowstone on a trip this time-limited. It's a fairly sizeable detour off I-90 on slow (particularly through the park itself) two-lane roads.

    Still, it's possible to take the time for a few shorter stops each day for the kids and the adults to take a break from the road and get some much needed fresh air and exercise. The exact timing of your trip, as well as your specific routing, will depend on where in Michigan your friends live and where in Pennsylvania you're heading for. But in every case, Yellowstone or any other prolonged stop en route is pretty much out of the question.


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