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    Hello...last child is going off to college and my husband and I are considering renting an RV and spending ten days or so (with our two small dogs most likely) heading down the East Coast after Labor Day stopping at coastal spots along the way through South Carolina. We've never traveled this way and have no idea where to start. Any recommendations for someone brand new to this?? Places to see? Dos and donts...any input would be appreciated.

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    Will the ten days cover a round trip journey or just a one-way to South Carolina? That will make a big difference in the pace of your journey and how much time you have for getting off the beaten path and just enjoying some of the many places available to you. Some time ago, I laid out a basic coastal route (as well as a basic inland route) for those traveling between the northeast and Florida. The parts between New Jersey and South Carolina should certainly give you some ideas. Then, depending on whether you're returning to New York and how much time you have for that return, you could take either the inland route or just boogie up I-95.

    If you're starting from somewhere other than the New York City area (roughly), or have interests that aren't covered in the list of coastal and inland venues I've provided, just speak up and we'll see what we can do to help tailor that general itinerary more to your specific needs.


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    Sorry...yes approx. 10 days would be round trip. We would start from about 2 hours north of NYC. Already spend lots of time in DC, so no reason to stop there. No real reason to go as far south as SC, that's just the direction we want to head, since we've never really been. I'll take a look at the route you posted above. Thanks!

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