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    I'm planning on taking the ferry from Cape May, NJ to Lewes, DE, and then continue south to Virginia Beach. It look like I have two choices for driving south through Delaware and Maryland: US Rte. 13 or US Rte. 113. Both look to be about the same length. Any suggestion as to which one is better would really be appreciated.

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    I would take US-13 because it's multi-lane divided all the way. US-113 is still being upgraded.

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    Default As Always, That Depends

    Like many decisions involved in setting up a RoadTrip, there is no single 'best' answer to which route to use for any given segment. US-113 is marginally shorter and faster. US-13 will take you near and through more population centers if motorist services are a consideration. US-113 will take you near or by more state and local parks. US-13 is the preferred route for through trucks. US-113 will keep you relatively near the ocean if you should want to make a side trip to any of the beaches of the Delmarva Peninsula. US-13 swings within side trip distance of the lower Chesapeake Bay. South of Pocomoke City MD the two highways re-unite.

    The fact is that we don't know what criteria you will use for your decision, so the 'best' we can do is to lay out all the differences between the two routes and leave that decision up to you, but the mileage/time differences (8 mi./15 min) are the least of those differences. Note that I'm assuming you know that you'd use US-9 to get to US-13 and DE-1/DE-24 to get to US-113.


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    We took 113 a few years back, but wished that we'd taken 13. As explained, too many small towns to go through!


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    Thanks for your help. US 13 looks like the way to go. Sometimes when there is a choice like that, one route will have more traffic lights, or truck traffic, etc. Thanks again, folks.


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    Default On the other hand.....

    Each of those small towns has its attractions and charm, and many of us are not going to let a few traffic lights deprive us of that.


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