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    We're leaving Thursday for Atlanta to see our daughter for the weekend then heading to Asheville on Monday to visit for a day. Looking to go to Charleston Tuesday afternoon and leaving Thursday to drive down through Savannah before heading towards Meridian to stop . Don't want to repeat Atlanta. Looks like I-16 to Macon then U.S. 80 out of Macon would be interesting but would appreciate any other thoughts or suggestions on what to see/do on 80 from Macon to meridian.

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    The route from Savannah to Meridian that you've laid out would certainly work, and let you have a relatively relaxed, one-day drive, but if you would like to make a couple of great stops and don't mind spending a bit more time (maybe even an overnight along the route) then I'd suggest the following. Still take I-16 initially, but at Exit 27 use GA-358 west to GA-96 to Fort Valley and then GA-49 south to Andersonville National Historic Site. From there take GA-228 west to Ellaville, US-19 north to just south of Rupert, GA-127 north to GA-90 north and Talbotton, finally GA-41 to Warm Springs and Little White House State Historic Site. From there, GA-190 will take you west through Franklin D Roosevelt State Park. You'd then use GA-354 to GA-1 north to I-85 and US-80 to Meridian


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    Thank you very much. I've recently retired and this will be my first road trip that I have no where to be at any time (including back home) so we're going to play each day by ear and see how we like not having a planned itinerary. Little scary, little exciting��

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    Quote Originally Posted by ajax1002 View Post
    Little scary, little exciting
    You may find it more exciting than scary. I've been there, done that. My first day on the road in North America. A solo grandma driving on the wrong side of the road. Pulled up early that first day, checked into the first hotel I saw..... and cried. Wondered why and what I was doing. That was the scary.

    A good feed and a good night's sleep saw me on the road the next day enjoying every minute and mile. Now almost 200000 miles later, including three trips to AK and back, I have built up the most wonderful memories and thousands of photos to go with them. That is the exciting.

    Be sure to keep a journal, either in paper or online. Great to look back on. Also a good way to record those things which did not work for you. In fact this site has a special forum for you to keep a record of your trip, complete with photos.


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