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    Hello everyone,

    My wife and I are planning a 11 day road trip in the west coast, and we would be more then happy to hear your recommendations. So far we have booked most of the hotels, and the times we are planning to spend in the cities are set, but we would love to hear tips on where to stop for a quick food or a nice view on the road.

    The plan is, we will stay 3 nights in LA, and hit the road on May 13th towards SF. The plan is to go through Santa Barbara, Santa Maria Pismo Beach, Morro Bay, and spend the night in between Cambria and San Simeon. So, we would have from early in the morning till sunset on this part of the road, which I believe would mean around 10 hours to spend driving and stopping by. What are the must see points around? Where should we plan to take our lunch at. I guess dinner around Cambria is the best bet.

    Next day, we drive towards SF, we will be staying in a hotel around Union Square, so I believe we would have again around 10 hours to spend on the road. What are the must see points? Should we go to Hearst, or any other interesting spots you would recommend to take pictures, eat lunch/dinner at?

    We will stay for 3 nights in SF, and on the 17th, we will go towards Yosemite. The plan is to get to road as early as possible, spend time in the park till sunset.I thought of going inside the park from 140, but would 120 be a better choice? For now, I have a booking in Oakhurst, since we will be leaving for Vegas the next morning, it seemed feasible to go from Bakersfield, then upto Death Valley, and arrive at LV at night.

    Do you think going north instead to stay at somewhere else is a better option? Or would Tioga pass be open by 18th May? We are open to any tips about this part, since it's the trickiest. The route we have at the moment is a 10 hour drive. Easily manageable with 2 drivers, but still not the best choice I believe.

    Also if Bakersfield-Death Valley - LV is a good enough route, any recommendations on food etc again?

    Thank you for all the input!

    Best Regards,
    Berk M.D.

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    Default Tioga ? Best to wait and see.

    Hello and welcome to RTA !

    There is just no way of knowing whether or not the Tioga Pass will be open when you travel, right up until the last moments before it is announced. I would leave that night open and see what happens as the Tioga pass is a wonderful drive. If it isn't open, going via Bakersfield is your only real option given the time factor and you really are selling yourself short with just a few hours in Yosemite.

    Hearst castle is a popular place so if you went you might want to book a tour in advance. Only you can decide if it's something worthwhile to you.

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