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  1. Default Springfield, Missouri to Corvallis, Oregon with young kids

    We are relocating from Missouri to Oregon at the end of April. We don't have to drive the moving truck this go, so we are piling our 3 and 6 year old into the car and taking 6 nights to drive from Springfield, MO to Corvallis, OR. We have some family we have to see along the way, which makes our drive times a little wonky, but we will make it work! I'm hoping for suggestions for kid friendly stops that allow for leg stretching, the best restaurants to try along the way, cleanest prettiest rest stops, etc. We homeschool my son so we may try to squeeze in some National Historic sites, etc. to make up for skipping school the rest of the trip. Any suggestions for along the way would be great! So far, we have the following planned...

    Day 1 - Springfield, MO to Iola, KS -
    MO 13 N
    US 54 W
    Leaving Springfield early afternoon. Planning a stop at Fort Scott NHS to get kids Passport cancellations and a JR Ranger Badge, but otherwise straight through to see family for the evening.

    Day 2 - Iola, KS to Limon, CO -
    US 75
    US 50
    I 135
    I 70
    Maybe? We were thinking this route only so we could stop off at Tallgrass Prairie NP for Passport cancellations. It didn't seem like the drive time was any different than the other two routes suggested by google maps. If we did this, we'd then continue on and stop for lunch in Hays, KS? Someone had mentioned to me to try out Gella's Diner & Lb. Brewery. Anyone know if its worth it? Is there anything in town to spend an hour or so letting the kids run about? A good park or museum or something along those lines? Then the rest of the way to Limon.

    Day 3 - Limon, CO to Denver, CO -
    I 70
    We plan to leave Limon early then spend the day in Denver with friends. The only real reason for staying the night in Limon at all is we will only be reimbursed for one hotel stay per city (employer is paying for our gas and hotel stays, hooray). I think most of the actual day is planned out for while we are in town. So not much to worry about here, unless you have some absolute must try with kids outing or know of some excellent IPA worth tasting!

    Day 4 to Day 7 - Denver, CO to Corvallis, OR
    From here we haven't got much planned. We thought maybe we could go from Denver all the way to Salt Lake City, stay a night, play around SLC then head to Boise for the night. Then Boise to Bend, then Bend to Corvallis. But really, we have no solid plans. The Hubs thought it may be neat to see Temple Square, but I have already seen it and the kids won't care about it all. Denver to Salt Lake is another really long drive day for the kids, but there didn't seem like too many places to stop, let alone interesting ones, along the routes that google maps brought up. I would love suggestions for routes, points or interest, or great rest stops or roadside stops the kids may enjoy. I think both The Hubs and I would be willing to drive a slightly longer route if the scenery is worthwhile!


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    Welcome to RTA!

    Iola to Limon is a bit of a stretch for one day - why not stop in Burlington?

    A very scenic route from Denver to SLC would be I-70 to Green River, then US-191/US-6/I-15. It might be just a bit too much for one day, you could stop around Provo.

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    Default Burning up pent up energy.

    A good park or museum or something along those lines?

    Check out this thread.


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    Iola to Limon is about 530 miles by going up 135 to 70 and straight across. Depending on how well your kids travel, it would be do-able. If you should take the advice to stop in Burlington, instead (which would make your travels to Denver about 2-1/2 to 3 hours the next day), Kit Carson Park there has an older carousel. As far as eating is concerned, Route Steakhouse is probably the most predominant place. We've been staying in Burlington on our trips for about 23 years, usually at the Chaparral Inn there. It's an older property and still used keys on the doors, back in 2012 when we were last there.

    Hays, KS had a nice park at one time right behind the Days Inn, with a playground. The city website indicates that it's still there, complete with playground equipment. Most towns and cities along the highway usually have some sort of park, though they aren't always easy to find.


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