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    I am a man from Finland and I am planning a roadtrip with my friend through the United states in August-September. It is supposed to be a real road trip (even 4 hours of driving per day on average), not to get familiar with the cities along the way. The initial plan is to go roughly from Boston to Salt lake city as follows (we don't want to focus on the cities, except for Chicago, but more on the landscapes as the time is limited):

    1 day (flight) Boston -> NY state (albany?)
    2 day NY state (albany?) -> Niagara falls
    3 day Niagara falls
    4 day Niagara falls -> Illionois (Chicago)
    5 day Chicago
    6 day Chicago

    7 day Illinois (Chicago) -> Arkansas
    8 day Arkansas -> Little Rock (Maritime inland museum) -> Fort Smith
    9 day Fort Smith -> Oklahoma
    10 day Oklahoma -> Albuquerque
    11 day Albuquerque
    12 day Albuquerque -> Grand canyon national park
    13 day Grand canyon national park
    14 day Grand canyon national park -> Utah
    15 day Utah (?)
    16 day Utah (?)
    17 day Utah, Salt Lake City -> Boston
    18 day Boston
    19 day Boston -> Helsinki

    * Bolded places are points of interests

    We are interested in landscapes and scenic routes but also in military and geologic history museums (not so much into arts, sports or musical museums).

    What are the places you recommend us to visit.

    Best regards,

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    Welcome to RTA!

    14 day Grand canyon national park -> Utah 15 day Utah (?) 16 day Utah (?) 17 day Utah, Salt Lake City -> Boston
    From the Grand Canyon, you should head up north to Zion National Park -- a geologists delight! Then up to Bryce Canyon, another geologists delight. You would drive up there on Day 14, see Zion on Day 15.

    When are you flying to Boston? It makes a difference, as Zion to SLC is a 7 hour drive; Bryce to SLC is more like 6. If your flight is later in the day, you could see Bryce on Day 16 and drive/fly on Day 17. However, if you have a morning flight on Day 17, you'll have to drive to SLC on Day 16 and skip Bryce altogether.

    Between Albuquerque and Grand Canyon, you may want to take a couple of hours and drive into Petrified Forest National Park. It's another place where geologists like to roam, because of the Painted Desert and because of the petrified wood.

    On your day in Albuquerque, you may want to spend a half day at the National Museum of Nuclear Science and History. It's right next to a major air force base, too. On the other side of the city, you'll find Petroglyphs National Monument.

    If it were me, I'd try to stay in ABQ either in Old Town or on the west side of town, probably at the Coors Road exit. You'll be leaving ABQ in the morning and won't want to deal with rush hour traffic.


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    Although it's a bit off your route, a fantastic military museum can be found in Dayton Ohio.

    The National Museum of the United States Air Force is a gigantic complex displaying many famous aircraft from biplanes to ICBMs. There are several AIR FORCE ONEs and even the B29 that dropped the Atom Bomb on Nagasaki. They also have B1 and B2 bombers as well as the Stealth Fighter. You can also walk under a B52 bomber and look straight up into the open bomb bays. Admission and parking are free! You could easily spend an entire day here.

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