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    So my boyfriend and I are going on a road trip. We live in the St. Paul area in Minnesota and want to go to Nashville. However, we want to make the most out of the trip so we also want to go to Chicago, DC, and Myrtle Beach. This is the tentative schedule but can be changed:

    July 5 – Drive to Chicago – hang out
    July 6 – Drive to Pittsburgh
    July 7 – Drive to DC
    July 8 - Stay in DC
    July 9– Drive to Myrtle Beach
    July 10 – Stay in Myrtle Beach
    July 11–Drive to Nashville
    July 12– Stay in Nashville
    July 13 - Stay in Nashville
    July 14 – Drive to Oglesby, IL
    July 15 – Drive Home from Oglesby

    If you also have any advice on things to do in any of these places that would be awesome! Our main reason is Nashville because we want to live there one day and we are gonna check it out.

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    It looks like you've got a decent trip outline. Myrtle Beach to Nashville is going to be a long day on the road, and you won't have time to do much other than drive that day, but it's a reasonable plan.

    The bigger question is what are you interested in doing? What things do you already have on your agenda? Presumably, you've picked these destinations because there are already some things you know you want to do, so the more you can share, the more we can offer specific ideas that match your interests.

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    Thanks for the reply! Good questions. Our original plan was just go to Nashville to look at areas that we would love to live in one day and just check out the area in general. My boyfriend is a music fanatic and if you have any musical stops that would be cool. We were hoping to be able to go to Burgess Falls National park on our way from Myrtle Beach to Nashville, do you think that it wont work out since there is so much driving? Personally, I love zoos, aquariums, great restaurants, outdoorsy things, and any other our of the ordinary things that I may not know about. What are the "must see" places in DC and Myrtle beach?

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    If you've been around our forums very much, you'll probably know that we don't do "must see's". One person's "must see" is another's "must avoid".

    In DC there are so many places to see and things to do that you could literally spend a week there and not see the highlights. Highlights of course being the Capitol Bldg, all the Smithsonian Musea, Washington Monument, the Mall with its memorials, going out to Arlington National Cemetery and Lee's home, Library of Congress, Antietam and Manassas Battlefields, Fort McHenry isn't far away (neither are Gettysburg and Philadelphia), the Pentagon, Kennedy Center, Mount Vernon isn't far away, and of course the National Zoo.

    BTW, Burgess Falls is a State Park. :-) Myrtle Beach to Nashville is almost 600 miles, which is about the maximum anyone should be driving in one day without sightseeing. Add sightseeing to it and you are in for a long, exhausting day. (My husband and I did that once, a 600 mile driving day with a "quick stop" at a national battlefield that was more like 3 hours. We were extremely tired when we got in that night!)


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    Default Before You Go

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    While we are all about RoadTripping here, we would hate for your first experience to be less than you were hoping for. Your present plan will work as long as you understand the cost and what you're getting. As it stands, you'll be driving for roughly six days in order to spend maybe a couple of hours in Chicago, one day in Washington, one day in Myrtle Beach, and two days in Nashville. Now that is enough time to visit a few sites around the Mall in Washington, spend an afternoon on the beach in South Carolina, and do a survey of Nashville. It's doesn't really give you any time in Chicago by the time you fight your way through evening rush hour to get into the city.

    Personally, I'd try to get some more out-of-the-car time built into this trip. My own rule of thumb for an enjoyable RoadTrip is a roughly 50/50 mix of driving/experiencing. To that end, I'd probably skip stopping in Chicago and find a way to avoid it on the Tuesday afternoon following a Monday holiday. I'd also skip one or the other of two of your other stops That would bring your driving time down to roughly five days and let you spend more time at you two final destinations: Nashville and your choice of DC or the beach.


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    Default Building roadtrip experience.

    For a first time road trip you want three things..... a memorable roadtrip, some down time (in DC or at the beach) and time to survey Nashville. Buck has laid out a great plan. You would do well to follow his words of wisdom.

    Once you have more roadtrip experience you will no doubt get the feel of how much you want to see and how far you want to drive. So make this a memorable roadtrip which will encourage you two to go on many more as the years roll on.

    Stay safe!


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    Thank you so much everyone for the road trip advice. I was thinking that we were squeezing a little too much into our 10 days. I will definitely consider everyone's opinions! Thanks again!

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    You can drive to a beach area three hours from DC, Delaware or Maryland, including Assateague National Seashore. It will be busy in Ocean City and Delaware, so suggest minimizing crowd and traffic by doing this during the week. This option should save hours of tedious driving on the I-95 corridor.

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