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  1. Default Round Trip from NC to Grand Canyon, Yellowstone and More

    We are headed out west from the Piedmont area of NC. Our current plan is to stop in the following places: Nashville TN, Hot Springs AR, San Antonio TX, Carlsbad Caverns NM, Albuquerque NM, Flagstaff AZ, Lake Powell UT, Mesa Verde CO, Moab UT, Salt Lake City UT, and then on to Yellowstone and work our way through the Badlands and take the northerly route back east.

    A few families are traveling together, each pulling a travel trailer. None of us has ever driven the route that we are planning, and are wondering if there are any roads/routes that we might want to steer clear of with the campers. We'd like to avoid white-knuckle driving conditions, if possible.

    Also, the trip is fairly well planned up until the Badlands, and that's where we are stuck. Any suggestions for places to see between there and North Carolina? We'd like to avoid Chicago, and St. Louis. The trip will be about 5 weeks in total, with about a week available from SD to NC - although, that is somewhat flexible.

    Thanks for any suggestions/help!

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    Default Some Odds and Ends

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    On a trip this well planned out, at lest on the westbound portions, I would think that most of the comments and suggestions you get will be relatively minor. I like the fact that your stops are all a relatively easy day's drive from each other. That 'relatively easy' part is important since you'll be traveling as a convoy of RVs and will not be able to keep up the pace that would be typical for a single auto. You also seem to have taken into account the slower pace of travel through the intermountain west. The place where you may be able to fit in a few modest stops on your driving days will be on the legs between the Grand Canyon and Salt lake City, so take a look at including Monument Valley and/or Goosenecks State Park, and the Prehistoric Museum in Price UT since you'll be skipping Dinosaur National Monument.

    For the eastbound leg, it's a relatively simple matter to avoid both Chicago and St. Louis by driving in between them. From the Rapid City area take I-90 east to Albert Lea MN and then I-35 south to Clear Lake IA (the place the music died) where US-18 and US-218 will take you to I-380 at Waterloo. Next up, I-80 east to the Quad Cities and then I-74 to Indianapolis. I-70 to Dayton OH and US-35 to Charleston WV will put you on track to finish up on I-77 back to the Piedmont area.


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    Default Campground reservations.

    Have you reserved your campgrounds for the National parks and Yellowstone in particular ? Very popular places with relatively few RV sites and as there are a few families travelling together it should be a priority if you haven't already booked.

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    Thanks for the information. I will check out your suggestions. We are all set with reservations through Yellowstone with the exception of Salt Lake City. I haven't decided where to stay there.

    Are you aware of any "treacherous" (mountainous, winding roads) in the UT (Route 191), or through the Badlands (Route 240 or 44)? We've all done a lot of East Coast RVing with traffic, construction, potholes, etc., but will be new to very mountainous conditions, and would prefer to avoid that wherever possible, or unhook at a campground, and see those sights without trailers.

    Thanks again for any wisdom you can share.

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    Default US - 191 in UT

    Quote Originally Posted by CowFam View Post
    Are you aware of any "treacherous" (mountainous, winding roads) in the UT (Route 191),
    In 2014 I drove the complete length of US-191, a road with lots of surprises. You might like to check out the report starting at post 57. I do not recall any particularly mountainous roads in UT - only beauty and some very interesting side trips.


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