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  1. Default Planning for 2017 Road trip USA on motorbike

    New to the site and hope to get some good info etc.
    I am planning a 3 to 4 months road trip around USA on a motorbike starting at San Diego , up the West Coast to Vancouver then over to Boston area , down the East coast , over to Texas then to Grand Canyon areas , Palm Springs back to San Diego then off to home in the UK.
    If anybody has some good tips or things to see along the way be interested to read your thoughts and help.


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    Welcome to RTA!

    I'd like to suggest you reverse the direction of your trip - so the ocean will be on your side of the road on both the east and west coasts when you are on the coastal roads. This makes it a lot easier to use the scenic pullouts. This may also get you through the South earlier in the season when it won't be so hot, and also allow the northern route to warm up.

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    Default Endless possibilities.

    Sounds like quite an adventure, hope you have an awesome trip. On a journey of this length the possible route and attraction choices would run into thousands which makes it tough to make meaningful suggestions. I would recommend you search around the forums [Roadtrip field reports section always throw up a lot of ideas] and check out other areas of the site for ideas and inspiration. Then if you have any specific questions about certain parts/areas of your trip you are unsure of, just ask.

    One thing, if you are planning on visiting a number of National parks then purchase the annual pass for $80 at the first one you visit.

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    Default First things first.

    Quote Originally Posted by G50 Pete View Post
    I am planning a 3 to 4 months road trip around USA ...
    Pete, do you have a visa organised? Without a visa your stay in North Amnerica will be limited to 90 days. If you do not have a visa, I would attend to that before doing any more planning.


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