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    Trying to fingers interesting places and things to do on the way to dc from minn. My family enjoys historical landmarks and history itself. Also enjoy the outdoors and hiking. My boys are 16 and 9. My wife and I have previously done trips such as the black Hills and badlands. As well as door County Wisconsin. And even a family road trip to Chicago. Each one, although different, was equally enjoyable for our family. We've never been east of Chicago on a road trip, so any suggestions?

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    You don't say how long you have for the drive, and that will be a critical factor in where you can go and what you can see on such a RoadTrip. If you have only two days to get to DC, then you're pretty much limited to I-94/I-90/I-80/I-76/I-70 through Chicago and along the Midwest toll roads with no real time to see anything. If you can spare another day or two then things start to open up to you. For a basic route, if you have the time, look at taking I-39 south from Madison WI to Normal IL, I-55 around Normal and then I-74 to Indianapolis, I-70 east from there to Washington PA before dropping down on I-79 to I-68 through western MD and finally I-70/I-270 into the DC area. Not only does that avoid Chicago, Cleveland and the toll roads, but it takes you by a number of fun, nature and historic sites including, but by no means limited to: Circus World Museum, Starved Rock State Park, Matthiessen State Park, Indianapolis Motor Speedway, the old National Road, the National Museum of the US Air Force, Fort Necessity National Battlefield, the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal, and Fort Frederick.

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    Thanks Buck! It's early in the planning stages, but we'll probably have somewhere in the neighborhood of 7-9 days total. With a maybe 3 being spent in DC itself. Somethings we could see on the way to, and Somethings on the way back.

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    By the shortest route (toll roads, mostly), you have a 2-day trip one way, doing 600 miles per day. Two down, three there, two back, adds up to 7 days without stopping at any of the places suggested by AZBuck. If you can take an extra day in each direction, you'll have a 9 day trip. Then you could stop somewhere in each direction.


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