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    First time in this part of the states and we don't want to do too much that we just drive but same token want to see quite a lot.
    We are spending three nights in san fransisco so that's easy - lots of web sites and choices.

    We then leave san fransisico 3rd may and have a van for 14 days (escape maverick so small ish - moving bed really) - we plan a mix of camping and sod it there is a hotel approach.

    At that time of year were sure in regards to Yosemite - was going to go big sur then across to canyon's. But seems that most people so no - Yosemite is a must. (don't have an issue if its not viable and just say next time. ) .

    is it feasible at that time of year to do Yosemite then down to the canyons. If so whats best route an plan? if we go Yosemite - I think I would do beatty as well ?

    I think the musts are grand canyon , zion, monument valley . nice to have - Bryce ,arches , goblin , antelope.

    we end up at las vegas for 3 nights before flying back to san fransisco for the night and fly home. again that bit easy.

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    Default Can you do the loop ?

    Hello and welcome to RTA !

    Yosemite is a special place and May is a nice time to visit as the waterfalls will still be flowing. The only downside is that the high ground will most likely be closed to traffic due to winter snow accumulation and that includes the Tioga Pass that crosses the mountains as a direct route towards the canyons. No problem though you will just go around the southern end of the mountains via Bakersfield which gives you an opportunity to visit Sequoia NP. If you want to travel Big Sur then I would do it at the start of your trip and create a full loop if still an option, heading south down the coast will put the Ocean on your side of the road. So you could go from SF to Cambria area and then inland towards Grand canyon. From Grand canyon visit Monument valley and head towards Bryce canyon via Page AZ [Antelope canyon] and then to Zion NP before heading towards Vegas and a possible drive across Death valley, Sequoia, Yosemite and back to SF. Arches, Canyonlands Goblin SP and Capital Reef could be possible, but it will all start to feel a bit rushed. If you are comitted to flying out of Vegas you could head to Yosemite first and then choose between heading back to the coast or through Sequoia to the GC.

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    thanks - yes we are pretty set now that we pickup van in sf and drop off in las vegas. Afraid It was one of these impulsive lets book it type affairs. Then when we seen some of the distances we changed plans and got a cheap flight back to sf and changed to a one way hire. So really it is 14 days in the van leave sf and end up las vegas. Treating as a glimpse and not expecting to see all - just a wet the appetite and then say we can come back next year. I think it will be Yosemite or big sur - suspect leaning more to say sod it Yosemite wins.

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    Default Time for a fun trip.

    With 14 full days you have a nice amount of time to explore and doing both Yosemite and Big Sur is possible, but I would not miss Yosemite ! Ending in Vegas and knowing that your stay there does not eat into the time you are on the road for does put Arches and Canyonlands back in the frame, depending on the pace you set yourselves. Say that from Yosemite you made your way to Sequoia and then to the south rim, you could head through Monument valley and then take US191 to Moab. The you would takes a short drive on I70 and turn off onto UT24 to Hanksville and Torrey on a wonderful drive through Capitol Reef NP. From Torrey take UT scenic 12 to Bryce canyon and to Zion before making your way back to Vegas. You could detour through Valley of Fire State park on route to Vegas.

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    if I just went a wee bit down coast ie to Monterey and then come across to merced - can I take the 140 into Yosemite and then into the valley and then come back out and head towards fresno and into sequoia. then I assume the next bit is long and really want to go through Bakersfield and head towards the grand canyon then its smaller hops around the others around the circle and back to las vegas.

    I was also looking at seeing if I could get a flight from sf to las vegas and just do the van hire from there but then that would miss out Yosemite till next time but maybe more time to relax and see.

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    Heading to Monterey and then Yosemite is an option that would work OK, and you have enough time to drive and include Yosemite while enjoying a reasonably relaxed pace but ultimately, you have to decide what will work for your style of travel. To keep it relaxed you could just head to Bryce and Zion from GC and leave Arches and Canyonlands. You might find that jotting down a day to day itinerary will help you get a better idea of how your time frame might work. Once you have done so you are more than welcome to post it up and let us go over it with you.

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