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    We are departing Long Beach April 17th and need to be in Minneapolis sometime the 24th. We are road trip virgins (there's a first time for everything...ha!) and we'd like to see as much as possible in terms of scenic drives (we don't much care for interstate driving), national parks and attractions. Accounting for the season and our limited time frame, what would our best options be for routing, sightseeing and lodging?

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    Default Getting dots on the map.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    It's 4 days of driving between your 2 points, so you can take your time and see things along the way. The thing is that there are hundreds of route options and thousands of attractions between the two so it will take a bit of research on your part to try and at least get a few dots on the map so we can help fill in the blanks. The Grand canyon and scenic drives and National parks of Utah and Colorado offer numerous options of what you are looking for. You could then head up towards Mt Rushmore, the Black Hills and Badlands NP in SD but you will have to pick and choose carefully as time soon disappears with so much to see. Your best options are those that appeal to you the most so open a good map and use the RTA as a research tool. Once you have a few dots on the map a route will start to form and then you can see what's in between. As questions come up, just ask.

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    Welcome to RTA!

    Are you using paper maps or an atlas? Either would give you a lot of places to look for. Electronic mapping devices usually show you the interstates and the US highways as alternatives, but the maps will show you where the scenic drives are (dotted or broken lines next to a highway), the national parks (green), and the state parks (usually some sort of pine tree or leaf, depending on the map publisher).


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    Thanks Dave! Thinking about the dots, our priority would be national parks and the most scenic routes between them. Of course the Grand Canyon; we've never been to Utah so don't know the best options, and Yellowstone would be great. If we stay off the interstate as much as possible don't know if there's time for much more other than a quick stop at a few attractions? I guess the drive time between parks is the big question.

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    Thanks Donna! Will definitely get a good atlas today.

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    Yellowstone is very much in winter mode during April with limited access so it may not be worth the extra miles. In Utah you have the likes of Zion, Bryce canyon, Capital Reef, Arches and Canyonlands and UT scenic Byway 12 between Bryce and Capitol R.

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    Default Too early for Yellowstone.

    Quote Originally Posted by Rkristak View Post
    ... and Yellowstone would be great.
    Yellowstone will be out of the question in April. The park does not start to open till well into May. Spring/summer comes late at that altitude. When you are on the road, it would pay you to check the condition of your chosen route ahead, as spring storms do happen.

    Sit down and study the atlas, and see what alternate routes there are for each leg of your trip, just in case there is a problem on the road ahead.

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