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  1. Default Moving/Driving from PA to Palm Desert CA

    I will greatly appreciate any help you can provide. We just retired and plan to move to Palm Desert in mid-April. We will be driving two cars from Harrisburg to Palm Desert, and transporting our belongings in the cars--nothing big just a few small items of sentimental value and our clothing, etc. We are not in a hurry to get there. 300-400 miles a day seems feasible to us. I think that will give us time to rest and visit a couple features at our stop points--anything that an area is know for. We also would like to eat local cuisine and avoid meet if possible. I want to avoid driving through mountains at any cost. We will also stop in case of heavy rain.

    What do you think about this route: I-76 W, I-70 W, I-44 and I-40

    We couldn't find any information about this itinerary. So, we will greatly appreciate any suggestions.

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    The route you've listed certainly makes sense - as it is the most direct path you could take. At roughly 2500 miles, you'll need a little over a week at the pace you laid out.

    I will say that it is impossible to drive across country without going over mountains. I-40 will take you to an elevation over 7,000 feet high, and includes a few passes through New Mexico and Arizona. Now, on the interstates, that shouldn't be much of a problem - they are designed for high speed travel with limited grades and curves. However, if you have some reason you need to stay at a low elevation, you might look at going down to I-10. Even that goes through some mountains, and still takes you up to about 5,000 feet in elevation in eastern Arizona.

    As far as things to see and do, that depends upon your interests - but I'd start by checking out the RTA Map Center to get a look at some of the many options right along your direct route.

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    Thank you so much for the quick input. We will look at the RTA Map Center. This is a great site where we already found a lot of information. I am scared of mountains because I did not enjoy driving through some extreme situations in North Africa and Europe ...and I was very young then.

    Many thanks.

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    Interstates are far from being extreme situations, you shouldn't have any issues along I-70/44/40. Where it does go through mountains the grades and curves are not extreme, the road is wide with shoulders, and it has guard rails. If you can handle the PA Turnpike, you can easily handle anything else.

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    That sounds like a fun trip! I did a white knuckle move from Florida to Los Angeles years ago - only stopping for food and gas. It wasn't something I'd be looking forward to doing again since I was rushing to get to LA and not enjoying the sights as much as I would have liked. If you're interested in local cuisine, there's a really good site called Roadfood(dot)com (sorry, I think I'm too new to these forums to give you an actual link) but they help me out with finding hidden gems in little towns all the time. It might be worth a glance! Happy driving!

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    Thank you! the information will be very helpful.

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    Thank you!

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