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  1. Default Trip from Omaha, NE to Long Beach, CA in March 1rst, 2016.

    Hello Gents and Gents,

    I am Phaseuth Arun, the new member of this great forum ,would like to say Hi. My wife and I have been traveling across America quite often but checking the travel forum the never click. But last night I found the light.As I am typing, we have been traveling from NC to MN. Today we will leave Stuart, Iowa toward Omaha,NE on I-80. This route has been suggested by Magellan Navigator which I have been using for the past few years. But this time I don like the route suggest by the Navigator. Its suggested taking I-35 South toward Albert Lee,MN, then Omaha,NE and taking -70 etc...I have taken I-70 before, but uncomfortable to take it again since its may close any time due to the road condition. I prefer Southern route this time of the year but do not my way around. Would you please help me how to make this trip via southern route.I'm driving the Toyota Tundra 5.7 engine with automatic transmission. I can also used it as a manual transmission by selecting the gear manually. I also direct towed a 1997 Toyota Camery. Please help me select the route back to Long Beach.



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    Hi, and Welcome to the Great American Roadtrip Forum.

    The very first thing you should do, is go to your nearest Walmart of big box store, or truck stop and purchase a Rand McNally road atlas. You will then see just how many routes there are available to you.

    There is absolutely no need to allow an electronic gadget to dictate what route you should take. All routes are on the maps, and after studying them for a little while, you can choose the route you want to take, go the places you want to go, and take the time you want to take.

    This is the reason why we always recommend that you carry good paper maps, and use the gps for finding addresses.

    Have a nice trip.


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    Welcome to RTA, glad you found us "in the nick of time".

    I'd suggest that the next time you see a truck stop or Walmart, you stop and buy a good atlas. When you see state tourist bureau signs on the interstate, stop and get the state map. Then use them.

    I-70 west of Denver has a rockslide that they are still cleaning up, so there is a stretch that is one-lane. If this were me, I'd take I-35, but all the way down to I-40. You have to go south sometime. Take I-40 all the way to its terminus at Barstow, CA, then I-15 south into the LA area.

    But your first order of business should be to get an atlas and some maps.


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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    You are proving exactly why good maps are an essential planning tool when working on a roadtrip. If you don't have them yet, pick them up first thing today, before continuing down the road. Electronic tools simply can't show you the big picture, and when you turn off your brain and let a computer do all the thinking, you can run into serious problems.

    Case in point, if you want to take a southern route, and you've started in Minnesota, then you should never have gotten off I-35. You should have taken it all the way to OK City, and then gotten on I-40. Now, if you want to go south, you either have to double back on I-80 to I-35, take 2 lane roads through Iowa and Missouri to get back on I-35, or continue to Denver, and then use I-25 to I-40.

    Now having said all that, are you sure a southern route is the right choice? Saying you prefer a southern route at this time of year is a statement that's actually based on the biggest myth of winter travel. Southern routes also see plenty of snow and are just as likely to close - in fact at times they are more likely to close - than more northern routes. You need to look at the actual current conditions.

    Of course, speaking of current conditions, there is a major problem on I-70 right now - due to a rock fall, not weather, so I wouldn't take I-70 right now in your position.

    What I would probably do myself, especially since you're already in Western Iowa, is stick with I-80 all the way to Utah, and then take I-15 to California.

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