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  1. Default road trip from Chicago to Newyork to Philadelphia with my 15 year old son

    Going to drive from Chicago to Philly then New York or New York first then Philly to see family during my son's spring break. needless to say he's not thrilled. need some suggestions on a fun route or fun places to see

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    If keeping your son entertained is a priority, then there are a few things you can do but you need to first worry about logistics. Typical high school spring breaks are only a week long. The drive from Chicago to New York takes a minimum of a day and a half. If you plan to make multiple or even a couple of modestly long stops, then you're looking at a minimum of four or five days for the roundtrip transit for a similar amount of time in New York. So far, so good. A 50/50 split of driving/sight-seeing is reasonable for a RoadTrip, as long as the driving portion is interesting.

    To make the driving portion interesting, you're going to have to find attractions that your son is interested in. The best source for such suggestions is .....your son. However, I know how teenagers can get obstinately convinced of their own 'knowledge' that adults are boring, so the first few ideas will have to come from you. While there are specific things you can recommend such as Cuyahoga Valley National Park, Pocono Raceway, and Delaware Water Gap NRA that are on the direct route (I-80) to New York, you might have more success by simply handing him an atlas and telling him to plan the route. After all, he's probably looking forward to getting his driver's license soon and here's a chance for him to plan and execute, if not actually drive, a major RoadTrip. I'd even let him go fairly far afield on his choices as long as 1) you can still get to (or back from) New York in no more than three days following his chosen route and 2) he realizes that the price for such wandering is a more direct route in the other direction. Who knows, he might even surprise you and find places that you'll want to visit.


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