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    Will be taking I81 to 40 into nashville and have never made this trip. Looking for places to eat along the way other than the usual chain places. And anything that would be must see along the way. Trying to keep as close to the routes as possible. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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    The thing about specific restaurant recommendations is that they are specific. From our point of view, it could be that a good experience we had was due to a menu item, a cook, or a waitress that won't necessarily be there when you drive by. And from your point of view, that restaurant may not be conveniently located for when you want a meal. So what I prefer to do is to describe my method for finding a place to eat, a method which has generally served me very well.

    First look for a towns with populations of about 5,000 to 10,000. This is where paper maps are essential, because GPS will tell you nothing about town population whereas paper maps will typically have different symbols and type size/face for towns of given sizes. What you're looking for is a town that's large enough to have a 'downtown' that can support a couple of restaurants, but small enough that you can comfortably walk that entire downtown. So, park and stroll the main street. Look for a restaurant that's well-maintained, is clean, and has customers. These are the restaurants that rely on repeat customers, not the steady stream of one-and-done eaters that keep the fast food joints at the Interstate exit ramps going.

    Using this method, you not only get a short walk before you eat to whet your appetite, but a chance to explore small town America, talk to some locals in a very relaxed setting, or just listen to the local patois while checking out the local cuisine.


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