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    My friend and I are coming from the UK to visit her sister in Birmingham, Al and we decided to go on a mini road trip before we visit her sister.
    We would really appreciate any advice as this is not something we have done before. Also, please feel free to suggest any places we should visit.

    Our itinary so far is as follows:

    - 3 nights in Pensacola, FL
    - 3 night in New Orleans, LA
    - 3 nights in Birmingham, Alabama
    - 3 nights in Atlanta, GA

    My friend wants to stop in Mobile, AL to visit as well so that will be one of our visits.

    Also, I hate to ask this but my mom is really worried and has been watching to much news lately, is it safe at the moment in the south for a person of colour. Please don't take this the wrong way but they are reporting a lot (here in the UK) about shootings, unrest along with saying things like #blacklivesmatter which is making my mom worry. I try to tell that the media sensational a lot of things and that we don't know what went on but I am going to be in another country and she won't be able to get to me if something happens (her words).

    So I thought I would ask the question so I can show her what people say. I also sorry if I offended anyone.

    Anyway, I appreciate the advice.


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    Default Should be a lot of fun !

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    I am not familiar with this area as I tend to travel in the West but you can start to gather ideas by searching the forums and trip planning pages found in the links at the top and bottom of the pages. You can find Road trip attractions by putting your route into the RTA map centre and look for places of interest as listed by RTA contributors first hand experiences. Your stop over points are all within a days drive of each other, but you don't say if you have any extra time available or what your interests are which would help others to offer suggestions. If I had the time available I would be considering Memphis and Nashville but they may not interest you or they may be too far out of the way.

    With your other concerns, I would say that you should be just fine as long as you just use common sense and the 'built in radar' we all have exactly as you would at home. If alarm bells start to ring and some place doesn't feel right it probably isn't, so just move on. Generally speaking I would say you will be fine, the 'wrong side of town' is usually away from main tourist areas and not that easy to find, not that you would be looking !

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