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    Default Planning the ultimate trip

    I have finally done it, I have started planning my ultimate road trip/spirit journey across North America. I have some more work to do on my conversion van before I can leave, but I do have somewhat of an idea what direction I'm going. I live in N. Central Texas, so I figure I'll head West, toward Taos, then down to Santa Fe, then make my way to Tucson, then Utah, Nevada, and back south to do the full 101 route Northbound. I eventually want to make it to Alaska then wind back to the Eastern seaboard. I'm retired, so I can be gone as long as I want, and I do have finances saved up. Can anyone give me some tips to help me out along the way?

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    It looks like you've been on this forum for nearly a decade now, so congrats on finally heading out on the road. I'm not sure what you're looking for in the way of tips, so I'll just suggest that it might the be the time to just sit back an enjoy the experience of being on the road.

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    I was thinking "tips" like little known gems that I might want to include, scenic byways, things like that. I'm trying not to plan too much, but I do want it to be as scenic as possible. I'll probably even stick to state highways whenever possible.

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    Default Too many options.

    On a trip of this size with so much 'freedom' of time and movement, it's almost impossible to give meaningful suggestions among the thousands of possible options you will have. I would suggest you continue to research and study maps and then if you have any specific questions about a particular part of your trip, go right ahead and ask.

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    Default Been there, done that.

    Having driven to Alaska and back three times, and covered almost 200000 miles across North America, here are some suggestions.

    Firstly scenic byways and highways are marked on all good maps. So collect a good set of maps such as those from AAA, or you may prefer a road atlas such as Rand McNally. Next thing is purchase a copy of The Milepost. It is the bible of all those who make the trek up to AK. The map which comes with The Milepost is most valuable. Once you have studied The Milepost, you will have all your questions answered for that part of your trip.

    You may also like to read about my last trip to AK. This year I am planning my fourth, and most likely my last trip up north.

    And gems.... those are the things you discover along the way. Speak with the locals and you'll be surprised how much they'll tell you. Once these gems are exposed in travel guides or on the internet, they usually cease to be gems.

    Be sure to keep a journal as we will all be interested in reading about your adventures (and van).

    Enjoy the planning.


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    Default Autumn road-trip up the coast

    Hi, I've been lurking for awhile, but I am finally gearing up for my ultimate roadtrip cross-country. I'm not tied down by a job, so I really have nothing holding me back once I have enough money saved. I was wondering if ya'll thought it would be better to do it all at once or break it up into segments. I never really go a chance to find myself, so this is kind of a discovery journey for me. I know I want to go to Oregon, Washington, California, and Alaska, but then I also want to do the East coast too. Would that be too much to take on in one trip?

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    Default up to you

    If you have no money or time restrictions, then there is no reason you couldn't just make it one big roadtrip. Then again, if you've got some reason to go back home - or you just want to break things up - there's nothing wrong with doing it as a few different segments.

    There really is no right or wrong answer - just what sounds best to you.

    Although after a decade of planning, perhaps the right answer is whatever answer actually gets you out on the road! If doing one big trip means you're going to delay your trip even more, then go ahead and do it as smaller segments.

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    oops, forgot I had already started this thread, lol. Anyway, I'm starting to think that less planning would be best in this situation.

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