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  1. Default Solo female east coast road trip from Australia!

    So I'm in my early 20's and have been living here for six months on a cultural exchange program.
    I'm living in northern Virginia and am planning a four or five day road trip from NOVA through the south of Virginia, to North Carolina then Tennessee.

    There are only two things that I'd like to see in each state (like aquariums and bug tourist spots) and they seem to make a perfect line along the highways with only a few smaller roads along the way. I'd like to try to drive straight home from Tennessee leaving very early in the morning.

    I would be driving about 200ish miles each day, sometime more sometimes less.
    I'm wondering if that's a bit much to take on?
    (I used to drive almost three hours every day for work back in Australia)

    Also obviously my mum is freaking out thinking that America is so scary and I'm going to be chopped up and made into dog food.. But I've found everyone here so be super helpful and lovely!
    Is there any reason for her to be so worried other than but being a mum?


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    Welcome to RTA!

    Your mom is just doing her job, which of course is to be worried. :-)

    Two hundred miles per day is roughly 4 hours of driving on the smaller roads, which is probably pretty relaxed.

    Use your best instincts. If something doesn't "feel" right, it probably isn't. Just like when you're at home. If something doesn't quite look right, it probably isn't. You are always welcome to ask a motel manager if you can see the room. Check the lock systems and the smoke alarm system. Check the lighting in the parking lot. Speaking of that, be sure to lock your car thoroughly every time you leave it.

    Last piece of advice: get maps, paper ones. You can get them at your local AAA office for free if you're a member here or you have your Australian auto club card. Or go get a road atlas, either at the big box store, or order it from RTA or Amazon. Paper maps, and the ability to read them, is much safer than relying on electronics that can die (or give you a very poor road suggestion and get you in trouble!).


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    Default It's in the nature of motherhood.

    Yup, that's a mother's job. I always vowed I would not worry, but even though most of mine are now over 40, I still worry. Somehow it's in the nature of motherhood.

    With good maps and your common sense, you will have a safe trip. Don't even imagine that you won't. Make sure the hotel rooms have a chain lock or similar,, a lock which cannot be opened from the outside.

    Enjoy your trip.


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    Make sure to get some of that good ol' N.C. BBQ while in state. Mt. Airy, N.C. near the Virginia border served as the model for Mayberry on the "Andy Griffith Show" and is a neat place to visit.

    If you go, make sure to get a porkchop sandwich at Snappy Lunch.

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